Key to maintain relationships at work

Open communication is a great way to foster healthy relationships. Whatever be the issue, you need to address it with maturity and put your personal differences aside at the time of work. Everywhere there will be people who you may not like, or who do not like you, but you must not forget that you can’t choose the people you work with. If things are not working out with a colleague, you must make an effort to resolve it as soon as possible and keep the egos aside.

It is important to be real. Faking a personality can make people dislike you, jeopardizing your relationships and work-in-turn. Man is a social animal and is bound to make friends be it at work or otherwise. Thus, you should get to know the person first giving the relationship time to grow and breathe. Everyone is different and peculiar in their way. So accept it first before treading too fast. This will help avoid complications at a later stage.

It’s important to put your foot down when required. My work is of utmost priority and if people make mistakes, it doesn’t matter who you are to me. The issue has to be addressed in the same way and at no cost let your work suffer. This attitude can help you in the long run. A few close friends at work are great, but getting too involved can get messy if you are the emotional kind.

Whatever our relationships are at work, you must not forget at any point in time that you are at work for purpose and to be useful. You have come there to get job satisfaction, monetary returns and, most importantly professional growth. It is important to first know yourself, understand your office ethics and environment and then manage your relationships effectively. Striving a balance at handing relationships at work is the key to bright future.

Good relations with colleagues enhance your work relationship with them, making it easier for you to work whatever may be the nature of the project.

An office colleague can make the otherwise dull atmosphere fun and ease the routine stress. Who is better to identify with your despair at work than someone who has been there and done that. They can also be one of the reasons motivating you to head to work each day, and put in that extra bit.

The mentoring boss can help you grow professionally with his experience in the field speaking volumes. His motivation can keep the tempo high especially at times when you are running low on energy. His rightly pointed out areas of improvement can help you chart a successful career path.

Office Camaraderie can also help teach you the tricks of the trade like understanding how to tackle your boss better which may be useful to climb the ladder.

Most organizations are eager to see their employees grow not only professionally, but also personally. This development only comes about with interpersonal relations with co-workers.

Getting very friendly with a coworker may result in spending too much time in the canteen, or the constant chatter at work can divert you from your focus. This can also give people the impression that either you are too frivolous or not much interested in work.

Sometimes people try to get friendly with you with a hidden agenda if you are at an influential position at work. Such a situation can make the other person think he is being used generating feelings of animosity.

A colleague can consciously or unconsciously take you for granted:

The friendship can bring emotional baggage with it, affecting work. You tend to get very edgy when a friend at work, who may be a senior or your boss, criticizes you. This can hamper your self esteem as well as temper.

Breaking up with co-worker with whom you have shared a friendship which has been more than platonic can be draining. This is where you would resent crossing the line when at work. It may demand handling the situation with maturity. It would not only be impossible to avoid the individual but may have to bear it up for the sake of your work, making you feel worse. —

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