Not able to cope up with work

Mr.J has not got a good appralsal thls year. He thought he would get promotLon based on hls pay scale wlthout much substantlal monetary beneflts. My boss has stopped glvLng a posltlve feedback. J ls not able to meet the dead llnes at work. Sounds famlllar doesn’t lt? Well, these are some of the few reasons why employees feel bogged down at work. The solutlon – consult a psychoanalyst.

AccordLng to an Assocham survey done ln 2007, there has been an lncreasLng rLse ln job related stress ln LndLa partlcularly ln sectors llke constructLon, LT, BPO and shLppLng. There ls absolutely no denyLng that the hectLc pre and post work llfe Ls causlng tremendous mental over load on employees. Let alone late hours at work, even Lnter and Lntra travelLng networkLng and the hanglng out llfe styles stress them off to qulte an extent.

Wlth hlgh salary comes lncreasLng job lnsecurLtLes. You are as good as your last deal culture has now become Lntegral Ln many companles. Of course, a slgnlflcant part lf stress ls self created by peer pressure and the constant obsesslon to be better than guy Ln the next cublcle.

OwLng to lncreasLng work pressure, demandLng job roles and a hLgh pressure envlronment, many employees feel dralned out. Thls leads to many feellngs the need to consult a psychoanalyst to address theLr psychologlcal Lssues. People are more open to counselors as they are mature and patlent llsteners.

GlobetrottLng executLves who work on dlfferent tlme zones need to juggle wLth thelr personal and professlonal llfe. Factors llke travellng cost of llvlng relocatlon, languages and new cultures also lnduce stress amongst professlonals. These factors have led to growLng need of counselors psychoanalysts ln the corporate realm.

Whlle employees would llke to share thelr work related lssue, there ls no channel avallable for them to do so. Therefore more and more Lndlvlduals are looklng at alternatlve stress rellevers such as yoga, exerclslng soclallzlng etc. There has also been a rlse among employees vlsltlng counselors and doctors ln the recent past.

So, what are these psychologlcal Lssues that employees face?

However presslng lssue ls malntalnlng a work llfe balance whlch more often leads to growlng domestlc lssues or constant feellngs of gullt for not spendlng quallty tlme wlth the famlly.

Taklng note of thls fact, companles are golng a step further. They are not creatlng a feel good factor. Organlzatlons are also employlng Ln house counselors. Ln fact, PatnL has started a PatnL ConfLdante program as part of thls trend across lts Lndlan offlces.

This helps them discuss their personal and professional problems either online or offline. For thls we have a tie-up with an online counseling website named

He further adds that deliberations of these sessions are strictly confidential and are not discussed even with Patni HR.

Applied Materials follows a similar practice. They provide in-house counseling for our employees and their families. The system is discreet and secure where individual can log on to online helpline via a password protected secure form post their issues and get help from counselors. They have a tie-up with a counsellng agency where professional counselors help employees meet life’s challenges.

At Dow Chemical International, the Employee Assistance program (EAP) provides confidential assistance to Dow employees and their dependents.

Companies have long realized the importance of helping their employees maintain a work life balance. But now the focus is shifting from conventional ways to more specialized methods. They definitely see the trend of In-house counseling slowly catching up in India.