Create a work environment to reduce stress

Technology and new age gadgets have made life at work easier for professionals. Latest advancement tasks quickly resulting in a quick turn-around time. Thus, logically speaking today’s generation should be comparatively a luckier and happier lot. But on second thoughts, is this true? Reflecting on the current scenario will reveal the fact that today young professionals are actually much more stressed out thanks to technology and cut-throat competitions.

We spend most of our waking hours in office, and sitting in front of a computer for long hours can indeed be tiring and detrimental. When it comes to coping with work pressure, there is every little one can do apart from being self motivated. Stressful working conditions have a negative impact on the mental and physical well being of the person. Therefore, creating an environment that reduces stress is vital. Believe it or not the colors on the walls, floor coverings and even furniture have an impact on an individual’s mental state. Hues such as cooling greens, blues, and whites are positive colors that can reduce stress and create a sense of well being. A positive ambience has a lot of potential; it can invigorate, motivate and inspire. It creates identity and generates positive feelings by reducing the stress hormone called cortisol.

The good news is that incorporating minor changes in your office or workstation and routine can actually help you to beat the workplace stress to a great extent. Listed below are a few tips you can consider:

Plants contribute to psychological wellbeing as well as improve the aesthetics of the office environment. Plants make the environment cheerful and reduce stress. After working on a computer for long hours, the Greenery can be soothing. Plants can be kept in the lobby near the table, on the windowpane or around your workstation or cubicle. You can use plants in your office to make it a more pleasant place to work. The freshness of plants and the color of flowers can be very soothing for eyes.

A less stressful environment definitely makes for more productivity and a happier bunch of employees. There are many tropical plants seen in offices.

One simple way to get a sense of well-being is to keep your workstation tidy. Keep your office desk and surrounding areas clean and organized. Being well gives you a sense of having control. Maintain files to manage paperwork and have small boxes for stationary. Ensure that stationary that is used frequently (opens, pencils, notepads, etc) are handy. Spend a few minutes daily to arrange your things. A messy table adds to stress.

Well, arranging your table well is just the beginning. It is equally important to have a well organized computer, where in you can find your documents with just one click. Write down your tasks for the day if you think you are likely to miss out on something and make a mind map of all the activities to keep you prepared. A to-do-list is of great help to prioritize and ensure all important tasks are listed.

Colors have a strong impact. Although bright colors can be simulating they can also be distracting and even lead to restlessness. The basic rule for using color logically is that bright hues may be used to accent, but not as a dominant color. For instance, too much of red can create tension; but if used in moderation with a neutral color it can add to the motivational level. It can prove to be an ideal color for a marketing office. Aqua and shades of blue when balanced with milky white walls can help lending a calling effect and relax strained eyes. Amalgamating the brighter hues with subdued goes a long way here in order to control stress and increase productivity.