Ego is not for a team leader or a Sales professional

In any organization psychologically there are different types of personnel working in it. The nature of most of them is supportive in contributing to the organization in reaching the goal and their interaction with their peers, juniors and seniors is cooperative and positive. However all the employees are not of the same type and a few of them suffer from different complexes.

Dedication determination and commitment is what you need to have in you to be a good team player says a young emerging Indian cricketer particularly in the areas of Marketing and Sales.

The top five qualities that a team player needs to possess are,

Enthusiasm and commitment are two qualities that an Individual needs to have to be a successful team player. You should have the willingness to take up responsibility. At the same time it is important for a team player to be committed towards whatever he is doing.

A good team member must believe anyone who puts aside differences of the common good of a team, is an asset to the team.

One person’s performance can effect the performance of the whole team. So understanding among the players is a must. As a team player, you should also be willing to do anything for your team.

You should learn to accept challenges instead of running away from them. That is the distinguishing sign of a winner.

It is equally important to be creative as a team player. A lot of people are shy and feel scared to come up with ideas when there are 10 people around. But, you don’t need to be afraid. You should in fact feel free to discuss anything even if it is seemingly insignificant or irrelevant.

You never know your team mates may like your ideas. So think creative and participate in whatever your team does.

Being your self with the team is important too. And if you are egoistic, you can never be a team leader. So smile and be fun-loving. Also try to be role model for your team members. This will go a long way in winning you respect

No matter what you do, make sure you involve all your team members. Show that you care and expect equal participation from them.

After sales Follow ups:

One of the most important ways of keeping your clients happy as a committed team member of a sales team, and probably one of the most neglected ones, is following up with your clients. This is what will ensure that your clients come back to you. So, it is time to plan your follow-up strategy:

* Thank you note: It may seem old fashioned, but a small note immediately after doing business can go a long way in establishing a relationship with your clients.
* Follow-up formula: Most companies try and ping their clients every three months. Some use the two e-mails and one phone call method to stay in touch with their clients. Decide on a follow up method that works for you.

* Have a reason: It is not just enough to call and talk about the weather. There should be a valid reason for you to make that follow up call or send an e-mail Send information about some new product launch ask for referrals or testimonials or suggest an upgrade or accessory to go with the product or service they had previously purchased.

* Keep track: Make notes on what was accomplished after the follow up – did you make a new sale, get some more useful information all these will come in use when you next speak with the client.