Improvement in employee discipline through partners

A multi-pronged approach can be used as different people at different levels talk to the employees in question, including his/her managers, senior management and HR. In one organization they also have a partner system under which a partner is assigned to each employee in the organization. Many a times a partner is able to achieve results by talking to the employees which others are unable to get. There is an example of one of their employees who did not fit very well into the culture of the organization and was constantly getting into rifts with other people and was known to spread negativity within the organization. To deal with this employee they realized that they had to keep re-defining his job responsibilities keeping in mind his strength and weaknesses. The HR and his manager talked to him and covered a lot of ground in developing him. He was isolated from other areas where he used to create issues, and was made to focus on defined areas of work. The work processes were broken off in a way that aligned with his work responsibilities. Additionally he was involved in team binding exercises and group socials. The result we saw that the employee has started gelling well within the organization and there has been a significant improvement in his people skills.

However, there may be chances that these methods might not always and the situation might continue. At times like these, the employer takes extreme measures to make sure that the employee’s presence does not hinder the workings of others. At Hexaware, they have engaged services of a professional psychologist who has a background of being associated with several years of IT experience. The manager HR or the family members can refer an employee to the counselor, if the need is felt. Separation would be restored to, only if all fails and that is really when every alternative has been explored and has not worked. But that seldom happens since most employees do react positively to coaching and counseling.

Therefore to avoid all such above problems a little effort at Recruitment stage an organization can have more responsible and disciplined employees. Fast growth organizations in growing industries are always on the lookout for talented professionals to be part of their teams. At any given point recruitment for positions across various levels and departments in an organization would be on in full swing. It may be impossible to fill all the positions immediately. Therefore, there is a need to identify the position that requires immediate attention and action. Organizations have seen an increased focus on the development and section of key talent. It is imperative that the best recruitment practices in the industry are adopted.

Recruitment is not just a mechanism for filling vacant positions. But recruitment and redundancy are factors of utmost importance to bring about organizational change. A fully structured and regulated recruitment strategy should be made for successful recruitment. An unregulated recruitment strategy can lead to a loss of good candidates due to unprofessional or unstructured recruitment processes. An attractive user friendly website should be developed with access to detailed information for potential candidates about the benefits of working in the organization. The website should be checked regularly to view fresh applications. Candidates’ expectations from prospective employers are also rising. So, we should be more innovative in attracting talent.

In the end, there is no such thing as a perfect employee as behaviors change with time and situation. The only difference is that how organizations deal with them. And if you are surrounded by such employees you have little to fear as your organization has a game plan set to deal with such cases.