Issues with colleagues

We have all at some point or the other has issues with our colleagues either with them being overtly rude in a professional environment or working with someone who believes that he/she has the luxury of walking in and out of office at any point of time. So what do you do, as a manager or a head, to deal with employees who have a knack to break the rules, get on other colleagues nerves and just about make every one hate him/her? India Inc. is known to be very tolerant with its workforce but when the time comes, they are hesitant to show the troublesome employee who the boss is?

Though many organizations tend to take certain cases of trouble leniently they make sure that they keep a tab on all their employees to know who can be categorized as a trouble some one and keep an eye on them and look for signs of trouble. Though not very difficult to figure out the signs, experts say it is usually the body language of the employee that can help them identify a troublesome employee.

There are red flags in an employee’s behavior that can be used indicators. There is usually no single event, but rather a noticeable pattern of change in the employees’ behavior attitude or work activity. Individually these signs may seem harmless enough but taken together, they may represent a serious problem. It is important to avoid ignoring the initial indicators.

It is a change in the behavior that alerts the organization to a potential employee issue. Some of the indicators of a troubled employee include sudden drop in output and performance, restlessness lack of concentration showing irritation throwing tantrum, lethargy, erratic office hours etc

While organizations know the signs of trouble, they say that they have to find ways to help these employees in their way, if things get out of control. Experts say that more than not, the root cause of such dramatic behavioral outburst is issues either at the personal or professional front. Whatever be the reason, the manager is expected to step in and help resolve the predicament along with the HR. At Hexaware they believe it is joint responsibility of the manager and the HR business partner to not only maintain acceptable work levels but also look after the employees. Dealing with a troubled employee is a delicate matter. You have to help the employee out of the tribulation without stepping on his/her toes.

They keep a watchful eye on such employees to make sure that each employee and his/her issue is handled with sensitivity. If a colleague/employee comes up with a complaint they make sure they talk it out with the troubled employee and allow them an opportunity to correct the situation. After this they keep a tab on them and regularly touch base with them.

Though such employees persist in every organization experts say there are various ways through which they can be dealt with. They say eventually the steps are not very harsh as they expect situation to change. When deteriorating performance has been documented, post all needed interventions the manager with the help of the HR, guides the employee through various steps that can be taken to help the employees. The primary objective is not to determine the employee’s underlying problem. The objective is to advise employee of the specifics of his/her performance and to get agreement on the process to obtain improved future performance. We have various methods like discussing the matter with the management or a HR head to clarify applicable company policies we gather and summarize all related documentation, identify objectives and timelines – what does the employee needs to do, and by when , to rectify the situation.