“New Voyage” and Tact for growth

After joining a new organization, many of us find ourselves thrown into a new environment, with a lot of apprehensions. This is where induction training can help familiarize us with the organization’s Philosophy, along with key business processes and our work responsibilities.

It has been very rightly said that if the beginning of a new voyage in our lives is good, all goes well after that. The adage, ‘the first impression is the last impression’ still rings true in many organizations, which goes an extra mile when they have new employees on board. If a new hire gets inducted into the organization in a proper manner, he/she feels more connected to the organization and eventually, loyalty and long-term association follows. Hence, having an all encompassing interesting and informative induction program as a part of the organizational policy is highly imperative.

For the first time in India an the Asia-Pacific Region, Marriott international unveiled an exclusive induction program, Voyage for all its new recruits, for its properties in India, Malaysia, Maldives and Pakistan across functions like sales, marketing, finance, communications etc. The two day event was held in Goa, where in 70 recruits from across hotel management and other institutes were together and introduced to the unique Marriott culture practices and properties.

Marriott is growing extensively and hence it has become all the more important for us, to have the best talent on board and make sure they understand how vital are to the organization. That is why ‘Voyage’ their induction and graduate program was a very important initiative for them. The event kicked off with an icebreaker into groups interestingly each new recruit was given a chit with an animal picture on it and as they entered the ballroom they had the sound of that particular animal to find his/her group. Along with having lectures and presentations by area heads and general managers from all the brands and properties under the Marriott bandwagon there was ample fun activities for the ‘Voyage’ participants to unwind. The program also gave new recruits an opportunity to interact with the senior of Marriott International, at large. The induction program also brought together employees who have been with the organizations for sometime to share their growth and experience at Marriott which helped the new hires get a deeper sight into the organization. The fun activities at the program included a football match between the management and new employees and some interesting team building activities. In one of the team building activities, all groups were given certain ingredients and instructions to prepare a salad and a cake. The idea behind this activity was to see how teams work together and interestingly they all came up with their own versions of the salad and the cake! In another one, all groups were asked to prepare a theme hotel of their own and sell it. The teams got quite innovative at this and came up with interesting themes of environment friendly hotels and hotels on space. ‘Voyage’ is a 24 month program for people who are talented ambitious, self motivated and are going to be their future leaders.

The induction is over and the employees are in the groove in their respective organizations. But then there comes a time when an employee feels he deserves more meaning higher responsibility and of course compensation and in short “growth”. For this in addition to his skills and experience he may also need ‘tact’.

In the corporate rat race and the ladder to success seems steep, there are certain approaches that can boost your chances of breaking out of your silo emerge as a leader in your organization. The understanding to navigate corporate politics and people skills can take you to the top quicker.

The real leaders in any organization are the ones with the best communication skills. It’s a plain fact that the movers and shakers who climb the corporate ladder the quickest are those who can easily related to everyone and come out of almost every interaction on a positive note. So be at the right places, communicate well and make an impression.

If you think that just doing your job will help you climb the corporate ladder, think again. If you are someone who doesn’t push the envelope or is incapable of handling situations, you will never land on the fast track. So, always seize opportunities when they are presented to you.

There is a very fine line between being too friendly and not friendly enough. The perfect attitude is to find a balance between the two extremes. Also, never go around bragging about your accomplishments, but if asked present them in a logical way.

Everyone you deal with in the corporate arena is someone. Say the right things at the right times. Never be vocal when it comes to criticizing people. Remember there is always someone waiting in the wings to climb up the ladder.