Arguments must not lead to ‘physical’ or ‘negativity’

We all have to interact with so many people in our workplaces or businesses. All of them are different, with different ideas and different thought processes.

Now, as an individual, one may have a certain mind set ideology or a way of thinking. However, it may not be necessary that everyone else will be like him or accept his ideas

This is where the real challenge starts. But the good news is that if we learn the knack of dealing with all kinds of people, especially those who are different from us, success is virtually assured.

Trouble is, the reverse of this also holds true. You only have to look around to realize how much trouble imposing an idea on others causes.

All too often people even get physical with others to prove their point of view. This is simply not acceptable while describing the ways of violence. Touching menace and striking constitute physical injury.

Note that this type of violence is considered a crime even by modern law.


This is that type of violence which is usually not thought through. It’s more of a reaction, like pushing, slapping or even beating. It comes at the end of a prolonged argument which was full of ifs and buts.

Basically it’s the transition from a verbal duel into a full fledged physical fight. But it is important to understand how essential it is to control your self in a hot tempered discussion.


This means threatening. It may not be a physical flight at first, but it can be categorized here as a physical injury since it can lead to one.

For example, when someone is threatened with these words “I will take of you later” the promise itself will pull you back into a fight with the intention of hitting and causing more damage. So do not even think of menacing anyone.


This is the worst act of all. Striking can be hitting outright with weapons and other harmful objects. At times, the objective is even to kill the person, making it the worst form of physical injury.

Remember, arguments even heated discussions are unavoidable. But you can avoid imposing your views on others. If there’s no solution, it is to approach seniors and solve the problem.

Negativity can be transformed into enthusiasm:

After the heated argument at work and persons involved develop an attitude of ‘Revenge’ then negativity can set in. There are days when nothing seems to go right. And they happen to all of us. But, instead of dwelling on the negativity of such days, think at them as learning experiences.

Fill your mind with thoughts of peace, courage, health and hope: By focusing on positive thoughts, a newfound strength arises and you will realize that this day too shall pass. You will find the knowledge and courage take on the situation. Just say a little prayer and take on the situations by its horns.

Never try to get even: It can be so tempting to want payback for an action that we feel was unjustly done to us. However you must remember how truly draining and useless this can be. Revenge assists a perpetual cycle of getting even. It passes from one person to another, but never really settles anything. Take into consideration the effect it has on your emotions and mental outlook. If this is the only thing you are concentrating on it leaves no room for anything else.

Expect ingratitude: Although it can be discouraging not to have hard work and efforts recognized remember to focus on your performance and be proud of the accomplishments you have achieved. Instead of feelings resentful, concentrate your energies and continue to apply a strong work ethic to your work. At the end of the day, you are working for yourself and as long as you know you have done a good job, all is well. After all, you are your best critic.

Count your blessings, not your sorrows: taking into consideration everything you have, can assist you in prioritizing your life and concentrating on what’s truly important. Don’t think of your sorrows you will only spoil your mood.

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