Gaining initial experience through internship

“Experience is the best teacher” is a universally accepted fact. In the competitive times that we live in, it is the work experience that one gathers that can make or break a good career. Every student goes through a phase where he has acquired basic knowledge and yearns for practical and professional exposure. At the same time businesses across the nation are always looking for young aspiring talent who possess the ability to think out-of-the-box. Internship in such a case serves a dual purpose as both the employer and employee are appeased.


Internship provides students with an excellent opportunity to benefit from corporate exposure. Since most interns are placed directly under the supervision of a senior official, they profit from first hand information regarding practical situations. No amount of theoretical preparations can ever replace ‘on-the-job’ experience. Working with a professional firm comes as one of the first stepping stones of success for a student. It is the added responsibility that generally boosts the morale of students and moulds them into superior professionals.

As a student, one is not aware of the different aspects associated with a particular job. Very often one fails to fathom the basic demands and realize the importance of fine distinctions that are omni present in every job profile. Internship is very beneficial in such cases as it acquaints students with the work that they will be expected to do. It also offers a glimpse of certain other characteristics of a career, which they may have not bargained for, thus making it easier for a student to make informed career choices. Apart from the technical experience, an intern also benefits by learning about the work practices and ethics followed by companies.

Importance of Networking:

Networking is another segment of a professional career that is underestimated. Internships not only give individuals experience but also it is where one comes across people and learn the basics of professionalism that is maintaining harmonious relations with colleagues. Internships give a chance to work in different departments. It helps to build contacts and good relations with experienced people, thus it gives an opportunity to put across your thoughts in front of the experts.

In countries like the US, internships are of prime importance. The changing face of corporate and professional India has also taken it in its stride. These days internships are available in almost all fields which include medicine, social work, accountancy, management, and engineering among a host of others.

In medical studies the phase of internship is the most enriching learning experience. It is the time when we hone our skills as a professional and get a feel of how different systems work. Even in a course like Masters in Social Work (MSW), interns are assigned the post of project managers at different NGOs so that they become aware of the activities that they would be expected to perform. Internship also forms an integral part of in the field of management education.

The engineering sector is another attractive option for interns. Due to high costs of machinery and implementation of technologies, hands-on experience is a possibility only in large companies. This kind of training makes a student all the more confident and well-versed with industry situations.

Internship is often hectic if you are studying alongside. The rigmarole of doing an articleship and attending college often takes a toll on and hardly gives a chance to study. This happens many a times with students who do their internship along with their routine college. Often colleges do not consider internships as a reason for prolonged absenteeism. Thus many students devote vacations to internships. However, interns do not come under the same pay-packet as other employees, and often work for no pay or a low stipend. Firms generally do not pay their interns but still there are many who devote all their time and hard work during internships.

Experience always gives a push forward when one gets into a career. Internship helps individuals to sail a smooth ride in the ocean of golden opportunities.

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