Some hints for fresh job aspirants

Team spirit is one of the most desirable traits that institutes or employers look for in a candidate and what better way to gauge this ability than through group discussions? A group discussion (GD) can lay bare your personality before your potential employer or institute, hence it is important to conduct yourself in the right manner in order to create a lasting impression on the supervisors of a GD.

Awareness of current happenings etiquette, attitude and ingenuity are qualities that supervisors watch out for in a candidate during a GD.

An aspirant must have fair knowledge about the company and the job profile. He/she must be confident give he best and never gives up. The ability to get along with others as well as desire to learn and grow are also crucial qualities supervisors look for in candidates. The basis of all GD is the art of communicating, hence you should learn it, express your thoughts clearly. A candidate is evaluated on his/her communication skills, team building skills and also positive attitude

A GD normally starts with the supervisors introducing themselves followed by the topic of discussion Candidates are given a couple of minutes to think about the topic and decide the specific assets they wish to touch upon during the discussion. During this time, note down only those points which will be relevant and important to carry out the discussion. One of key factors that is considered during a GD is the participant’s ability for looking at the various aspects of a particular topic. So try to have an impartial view of the topic and cover as many aspects as possible.

Begin the discussion by introducing yourself in not more than one sentence. To make a good impact try to be the one who initiates and concludes the group discussion. It is important that the one who leads the GD must elicit the right response with the way he/she asks the questions. If in case the topic appear vague to you, do not hesitate in getting your doubts cleared by the supervisor.

How to communicate?

* Think twice before you speak. Ensure that your sentences are well framed. You need to be sure of what you speak and avoid using fillers (huh, uumm, I mean, well…)
* Speak clearly but not loudly. Use simple language
*Do not start rattling all the information you have on the topic all at once.
* Participate and interact. Criticism of fellow candidates during a GD will only draw negative attention. Hence be polite and appreciate everyone’s opinion. Do not mock anyone if he/she has committed a mistake
* Keep your discussion on track. If it goes off-track be the one to steer it back on track.
* Do not start arguing. It shows that you are not in control of the situation. Be sensitive to the situation and try solving the matter in a polite way.
* Do not discuss with only one person. Include as many people, if not all. Keep in mind that there has to be involvement from each one present. Try and get the quieter ones involved. It shows your ability to make best of a given situation.
* Do not use objectionable language or instruct anyone. In case you do, learn to apologize for your misbehavior; it shows that you accept responsibility for your actions and words
* Let everyone speak
* If you are good at jokes, crack one at the beginning and break the ice Use relevant jokes when things get too serious.
* Do not get personal or emotional

Body language:

*Present a good body language
* Remain calm and poised don’t get nervous avoid improper facial expression and have a pleasant look.
* You are being examined, so be yourself and convey your best (be simple, not bombastic)
* Be confident but not overconfident
The title of this article is self explanatory. Post GD the interviewers would have made up their mind about short listing almost 60 to 70 %. However the final will be the interview which is for judging candidate’s subject /job knowledge in addition to debating skills.