People can make work as a fun

A happy work place makes for a successful business and as most surveys will tell you, it is the people who make work fun. So how do you become the perfect colleague who is well respected and liked by all? Follow some guidelines given in the ensuing paragraphs how to be liked by every one in the office.

Respect: There is the old adage, you have to give respect to get respect and that holds true even today. It is always essential to give another person the chance to air their ideas and views about a particular job or project. You need not always agree with or find their ideas feasible. Politely put your point across and put in an alternate suggestion instead.

Common grounds: We know that you don’t enter the workplace to make friends but camaraderie sure makes for a pleasant work atmosphere. Find some common interest to chat about when on your coffee breaks – it could become hobby, Play Station, obsession or even your children. You do not need to turn into an agony reliever but it helps if your colleagues think you can be trusted with personal information.

Watch what you say:

You have heard this a thousand times and it rings true for every social situation – do not discuss religion or politics these are very touchy subjects and a surefire way of getting into arguments and disagreements. Do not ever be party to malicious gossip.

Good etiquette: We do not mean that you reach for your copy of behavior and manners, but good etiquette is always appreciated. Small things like getting your colleagues coffee if they are busy or holding the door open for the person following close behind you can go a long way in establishing your image at the workplace.

Stay calm: It is not necessary that everyone at the office likes you, there are bound to be some who don’t. There could be an office bully who takes pleasure in taking pot shots at you or the slime who takes credit for your work. At all times, do not react immediately. Keep your calm and find a solution to the problems, either by speaking to the person privately or if that fails, approaching your company’s human resources manager.

Give some space: Being friendly with your colleagues doesn’t mean that you breathe down their necks constantly. Recognize a person’s need for space and don’t impose your company on him/her if it is obvious that s/he is busy and would rather be left alone. Leave the hanging out for after hours.

You spend the better part of your day and most of your life at your work place it pays to make the experience a pleasant one. Work place in this context can be very well defined as the place where the personnel perform their regular tasks as required by the Organization for the profitable business purposes. It can be a shop floor or office or commissioning of equipments in the field say like Oil rigs, Gantry cranes, mining equipments etc.

There are 2 aspects of work place problems:

* Physical working comfort or congeniality of working atmosphere.
* Psychological motivation and focus.

With regards to physical working comfort the work place can be made more comfortable by providing proper equipments at work place namely fans, drinking water, nearby toilets, a proper place to eat lunch, provision of timely tea, coffee and snacks on the shop floor and proper layout space for proper ventilation and movements of hands and legs and last but not the least right equipments in proper working order.