Employment status in BPOs

Today, there isn’t a single average youngsters who hasn’t consider the possibility of working in the BPO. With more and more foreign companies coming into India, this is one sector that is flourishing day by day.

Booming industry:

The recruitment demands will go up by 20-30 percent in the next year or so. Today, youngsters are considering making careers in the BPO industry which wasn’t the case sometime back.

As Indian BPOs move up the value chain their employees profile is also changing in terms of their education and demographics Now a days, youngsters are looking at BPOs as a long term career option rather than a stop gap arrangement. This in turn is attracting a number of qualified people into the industry.

Diverse Jobs:

A BPO offers a wide range of jobs to different people with varied qualifications. A fresher can seek jobs in various spheres like customer service web sales, research analysis, credit verification etc within a single BPO. And it’s a myth that only people with good communication skills can get a job in this sector. Today, it employs people with diverse skills.

Besides, the demand for professionals in voice related services, there is also scope in on-voice transactions like invoice processing company and equity research etc. The industry provides varied career options and offers functional specialization in areas like project management, IT, business process consultancy, training HR, accounts, quality marketing etc.

There’s a demand for well educated people in areas like finance, insurance, automobile etc. Such professionals can easily command an entry level salary of Rs 20,000 every month. However an aspirant should definitely know fluent English with some accent training to get into an international BPO. Qualified engineers, CAs and MBAs are sought for international assignments and middle management positions.

Every month a minimum of 600-1,000 positions get filed in Mumbai itself. Those who can’t get into foreign BPOs try for the domestic ones, which can be equally good in terms of money or infrastructure. And the excellent growth opportunities have reduced the attrition levels in the past few months. However, BPOs prefer to hire freshers over experienced candidates as the latter tend to switch jobs very fast.

The BPO sector probably offers the best opportunities in terms of growth for youngsters. Besides the lucrative salaries, there are incentives like in-house training, subsidized education loans, medical etc for BPO employees. Since the kind of work assigned to Indian BPOs need high level of skills salary rise is bound to happen. The world-class training processes help them become well rounded professionals Combine these with a youthful and dynamic working environment and you have a career option that’s hard to resist.

With global business economy slowing down many BPOs are without work or fresh contracts and the employment situation is that many BPOs and KPOs are now trying to get rid of non-performersEarlier recruitment was happening only from a few good colleges, now benches are being filled by candidates from various institutions. Some of them do not match up in spite of training. It’s the under performers who are getting the pink slip.

Most layoffs are among the bottom 5% of the appraisal list. Companies have realized they need to manage their bench better and cannot go on pampering their employees if they don’t perform. In fact, earlier also non-performers were asked to go, but it is only now that the issue has come into the limelight. . Indeed, a lull in business acquisition and the downturn in the US economy is affecting job cuts is not only because of these two reasons. The industry is at a different level today compared to five years ago.

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