Getting into a Lucrative Job

A candidate having exposure to extracurricular activities indicates that he/she is sensitive has the ability to work with people has the perseverance in tracking issues to closures. He owns up responsibility has handled challenging situations and is rational in expectations. In an increasingly interdependent and team working environments, these traits play more important roles than mere academics or for that matter higher IQ.

These secondary skills help build relationship within the organization and it helps build future leaders as these people have gone beyond their expectations and done something consciously, in an endeavor to attain higher goals. For a crucial role when it comes down to deciding between equally qualified candidates, we feel person with strong academic qualifications and good extra curricular activities has the potential to become a leader.

So the questions here arises is whether having extra curricular activities on a candidate’s resume actually helps him/her get a job. It does not guarantee top positions they are given preferences at certain entry level jobs. That every often these experiences help the employee work in the candidate favor. These extracurricular activities set a candidate apart from his .her peers. The mention of extracurricular activities does play an important role in forming the initial impression of the candidate.

Hiring managers today are adopting unconventional ways of seeking quality talent and if you were a state level football champion in your teens, do not forget to mention that in your resume.

Going and getting a new job, your CV can either make or break your efforts. With a good CV that highlights your potential your chances of bagging that dream job are higher. CV should include:

* Personal details: Name, address, contact number, e-mail address and date of birth.
* Career objective: This indicates what you are aiming for at this stage and what skills you have to offer with respect to your objective. This helps in confirming your interest in a particular job or employment sector.
* Qualification: Begin with your most recent qualification.
* Employment history: Put the details of your most recent job first. Include vacation/voluntary work experience if any. Highlights what you have learned and how you have made a difference to your employer here. Emphasize the skills gained in each job.
* Interests and activities: Include any positions of responsibility that you have held in societies/clubs recently with emphasis on any skills that you have acquired.
* Additional information: If your degree does not appear immediately relevant to the position you are applying or, add how your personal qualities make you a suitable candidate if the job.
* References: Before mentioning someone’s name as a reference make sure you get their permission include their name and contract details.

For experienced positions some recruiters or HR department of the organization may ask the candidates to make a presentation on some case study. The candidates aspiring particularly for senior Marketing positions must be prepared for this and take note of the following.

Virtually everyone cringes at the thought of making a public speech or presentation. Here are a few pointers that will assist you in delivering presentations:

Stay calm: The more relaxed you are the more confident you will appear. In turn, the more confident you appear, the more influential you will be to audience. You could try taking a few deep breaths or meditating before your presentation.

Articulate your words: It is very important speak clearly People who mumble have a hard time forgetting their message across. Also, remember to choose words that are easily understood by your audience.

Be enthused: Everyone in the crowd gets excited when a speaker is full of energy and life. When you are delivering your speech, be upbeat and enthusiastic. Be sure to move around the room and use hand gestures to add to your presentation.

Be careful to speak at an even pace. Try not to speak too quickly, for ideas can get last and words can get mumbled.

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