Need for connection between HR practices and the business results

There is indeed a connection between HR practices and the business results of an organization. Their study of over 740 corporations found a trend that linked organizations with strong HR practices to the highest market value per employee. These kinds of research based findings raised universal awareness about how important HR practices are. Even today organizations are working diligently to ensure that they follow the right path for them selves and their employees in terms and practices create.

Along with a bubbling economy in India, comes many new business and job opportunities. This creates the necessity to understand the impact of entering these markets and understanding the requirements for successful operations. The need to be able to maximize the experience and contribution of human capital offer unique opportunities for policy and practice in the HR space to deliver creative and strategic approaches. It gives you a chance to introduce approaches that offer employment in a context that builds and supports business from the onset and gives the HR an opportunity considers the business, the way it plans to hire, and at every employee touch point in between including the way it trains for delivery and results. At the same time, these policies and practices offer employees an array of opportunities it grow and develop along wit the business. The key understanding is that, as an employee you own your own future.

Today skilled employees are on the driver’s seat. Corporate recruiters lament that candidates have five offers in hand and they get to choose and can even engineer some kind of bidding to strike the best deal and work towards better prospects. Now this is true of candidates with the best qualifications. However, the irony lies in the fact that apparently qualified people, who really want to work, can’t find jobs. So it all seems that this is relative to what is available and the skills you possess.

Job seekers are encouraged to perform some kind of due diligence, just as you would if you were looking for a business partner or perhaps a mate when you are looking at job offers or even the job you have right now. Professionalism cannot be overlooked.

The changing dynamics of Corporate India has given birth to new trends. For example: today even your hobby can add value to your resume if you present it appropriately. So as you step out in the world of employment think about decisions and be sure about how the elements of this job and organization that are part of this employment relationship will help you build your own professional expertise and strength.

There are many programs like flexi timings open communication and career planning offered by organizations to help attract the best talent in the market. They are used as attracters for prospective employees and as each is a valuable experience, they carry reasons for due considerations. However the bigger question is: are these policies a part of the broader employee value proposition with this company or is it just one policy among many that isn’t necessarily attached to any broader or business initiative?

There could perhaps be a connect between the availability of these benefits and the way the organization will relate it to its staff across the board. If so, the likelihood that as an employee you will find opportunities for personal and professional growth are pretty strong.

Employees must look for the organizations that provide not only the policy but also the underlying value proposition that reaches beyond just a job to a pathway to a career. That is the value in benefits like horizontal transfers and the like. There is minimally a fair of the employee service for salary and benefits. In addition to that is the prospective corporate or business environment one in which an individual can thrive? What do current employees say about working there? What do past employees say about working there? Do these types of programs equal only buzz words to get you to sign on the dotted line, or do they truly reflect the employer’s respect for each employee as an individual and the contribution they know you will bring to the table and their business. The questions is does the company offer an opportunity to let you thrive and not just survive?

Never over look, or let your skills fall behind. Keep yourself up dated with the latest developments in your business, and also how certain developments affect your industry.

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