Time management and marketing presentation

At any given moment there are so many competing demands on your time – deadlines, projects, meetings, client calls, customer complaints and other workplace issues. Not to forget some personal matters as well. However, time can not be slowed down, sped up, or manufactured. It is the only thing that you can not buy. So how do you mange it? Keep track of your activities for a week and you will soon find out. Identify the time wasters and implement time savers. Here is how to save your time so that you can put it to effective use:

Note down activity logs: Whatever you do whether it’s checking the mail, writing reports talking to colleagues etc., note it down in a time log and analyze it after a week.

Make things to do list daily: learn to prioritize – put things that are most important at the top and do them first.

Set goals: If you have your objectives spelled out, you’ll know easily where you have to focus your efforts, as well as be able to identify obstacles.

Plan: Do scheduling by first assessing the time at your disposal. Next, plan how to utilize this time to achieve the goals you have set forth.

Say ‘no’ when you have to: If you have a more important task to complete, it is okay to politely say ‘no’ to work you and avoid unnecessary tasks not prioritized by you.

Multi-task: Combines several activities into one time slot. For example, take your laptop with you when on a long commute and finish off a report.

Split big tasks into smaller ones. This will make completing the task easier.
Take short breaks, otherwise energy levels become low, concentration suffers and you get fatigued which is also a time waster because you may only get in the hour of productive time for every few hours you put in.

When we talk of time management marketing fundamentals come to our mind. The objective of a marketing executive always had been meeting are covering maximum customers.

Let us take the case of the target of reaching 300 screens in the near future.

Cultural understanding: Being part of an entertainment conglomerate that spans the length and width of the country, understanding the diversity of different markets is a key aspect

Understanding what works with every individual comers is important not just because world gets around but because insight into the individual. Lead to insights into the whole and is crucial for making the right marketing decisions.

Empathy with the customer: As a marketer of any kind, empathy with your customer on a personal/individual level is a must more so in the cinema business where your customer is investing a significant amount of his/her time which is unlike an average buy sell retail transaction.

Peer pressure: Sometimes there is pressure from competition or other parties to venture into directions one wouldn’t otherwise. Eventually the brand has to consider its own unique identity customers and circumstances and do what is right for them.

Emotional connect: An emotional connect is important because it reaches out to the customer at a very personal level and is very effective in marketing.

Independent thought: A marketer should be able to think out of the box. In a highly competitive business such as mine, being first is what matters and what people remember. And in a business as creative as film entertainment creativity and innovation area must.

Public speaking goes with marketing particularly when you as a marketer present a high profile profit to important representatives of a global conglomerate. e.g: Aircraft, Computer systems and software, Real Estate etc. It is easier than one may think provided one is prepared with the advantages and vital statistics of the product with respect to competitors’.

In the initial stages presenting smaller products like FMCG, a marketing executive’s heart starts racing, hands get clammy and self introduction may not have the clarity required. And everyone is staring at you. Yes, you’re about to give a presentation. And if you’re like many people you can’t think of anything worse. In fact, all you can envision is totally humiliating yourself in front of an audience that matters to you.

However, to gain the confidence to overcome the fear of speaking to large audience, consider the following:

You have earned the right to speak on this subject. Chances you wouldn’t have been asked to talk about the subject if somebody didn’t think you were an expert. If you really aren’t the best person to talk about the subject give someone else the opportunity. You will be helping the audience as well as yourself.

Now that you have earned the right to talk, chances are you have something exciting to say to people. It doesn’t matter how small or low value of the product to be marketed, still you can get excited about it because you are introducing your employer’s product for the first time to an industrial customer.

Do not lose focus of your subject: To do justice to it, decide what you would like to say about the subject and how it could interest your listeners.

With the above, you can conquer any fear of presentation for marketing of your product/s to a group of clients. Your excitement and eagerness will overcome any lapses in speaking style.