Now Business travel is a motivational tool

There was a time when traveling to far off places was considered a dream. However, with the changing times, this dream is turning into a reality, especially since many organisations are realising that traveling to different places acts as an excellent team building and motivational tool, and is a good knowledge sharing platform.
As more and more organisations get globe savvy, in this article we are trying to explore their favorite destinations across India and the world.
For many organisations, it is all about the south. They conduct training sessions in the south of the country as they feel that these places have a calming effect on the body and mind, due to the serene locations. Cisco sends their employees to Cochin and Goa for their training sessions. These places help employees to relax and enjoy themselves away from the day to day hustle bustle.
Hewlett Packard also takes its employees to resorts in Kerala and Goa. These places offer good business/meeting facilities while making great getaways.
For Lionbridge, it’s destination Mumbai and Chennai. They take their employees to the remotest parts of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi for training and rejuvenation purposes. They prefer taking employees to remote places because they do not want them troubled there either by telephone or otherwise. For training, one company (Lionbridge) took employees to Lonavala, where employees may not be harassed by pesky phone calls.
And for Lionbridge, training in India is not just restricted to their Indian employees. They recently held their annual Board of directors (BOD) meet in India where all the company heads from all across the world had met up. They held out BOD meet here because they wanted their global heads to know and understand how dynamic and over-whelming the Indian workforce is. Apart from sending their employees to Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, Philips also sends their employees to outdoor exotic locations like Udaipur for their ‘policy development’ exercises.
For SAP Labs India, the two places that they prefer to send their employees for training are the Himalayas, and Cauvery Fishing Camp. Their pick is due to its breath taking natural settings which are quite favorable for such out bounds.
Many industry experts also say that local destinations near Mumbai like Alibaug, Lonavala etc. also act as an excellent place for training for their employees. Alibaug is one of the best places to conduct an off-site training. For any kind of training, you need your employees to have a balanced state of mind and at the same time make sure that he/she can have fun. And this place offers both.
However, training is no longer just restricted to Indian locations as organisations feel that sending their employees to train across the globe acts more than just as a stress buster and allows the employees to get an insight as to how the other part of the world works. Apart from the work aspect, it also allows the employees to get a feel of a different place, and acts as a huge motivating factor.

Some companies send their employees to Thailand, Singapore and Australia for their training sessions as these places tend to work well with the travel time and cost perspective.

Apart from the regular joints like the US and UK, Lionbridge sends its employees to Bergin, Norway and China for a period of six months. They send their employees to Norway and China to get a more in-depth knowledge about technical domain, whereas for logistics training, employees are sent to Santiago, Chile.

Logitech sends its employees to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, where their regional headquarters is based, and other countries in South East Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangkok etc. They treat the regional team as one and they usually take turns to travel to interesting places in the Asian region and understand each other’s markets and cultures.

For Philips, places of training and employee engagement include Amsterdam, where they send their senior managers for executive programs in renowned international universities and London. Recently, they held a contest in their organisation where the winners won a trip to London with their spouses for 3 days. Out of the 3 days, they got a chance to be a part of the Philips London Simplicity event on one of the days.

Organisations know that it is not easy planning a trip for their employees. Hence to do so, they rope in the experts who specialise in business travels. It is no longer just about ‘sight-seeing’ as organisations need more than just places to visit. Recently, a group of employees from a multi-national were sent to New Zealand and the group was largely involved in sky diving, hot air balloon rides, hot pools, helicopter rides, landing on volcano, among other things.

People have changed the way they view travel destinations. These days they want to travel to places like Brazil, Miami, South Africa, Budapest, Prague, Finland, Thailand among other places known. In the end, travel is no longer just about going to a place as a group as organisations are ready to give their employees a taste of the exotic world, with training, motivation and knowledge sharing as the main course.