An ideal workplace

Owing to rapidly changing lifestyles there is a need to be monetarily independent. This in turn has translated into the need it put one’s best foot forward to climb the corporate ladder. Thus in an attempt to stay ahead in the race we need up spending long hours at work. Needless to say then that the stress levels are inevitably high and it is important to strike the balance.

We often read about the various ways of beating stress. However, not many of us realize that working with the right kind of organization is half the battle won. But the question here is what makes any set up a good place to work? We talk to few professionals and finds out what according to them would be an ideal workplace.

People make a workplace ideal. It is very important to work with positive and enthusiastic people to keep up the zest. Each one must look at fostering harmonious relationships with their colleagues and make an effort to know the person rather than just maintaining cordial relations that are strictly professional. There should be internal workshops once a week, where employees get a chance to bond with their colleagues.

It is the work you are expected to do that makes a workplace ideal. After all you would not want to take up tasks that you dislike at a workplace that is touted as being the best.

Another important criterion is knowledge sharing and recognizing and acknowledging people’s ideas. Timely rewards and appreciation is considered an absolute necessity.

The company must invest in regular training sessions that are essential for growth. Interdepartmental transfers should be encouraged as it helps employees understand the functioning of the company as a whole and thus widen their horizons.

The work culture is of utmost importance and the company must stick to their values and core ideologies. Transparency makes a good workplace. The open door policy is a must.

It is critical to have a good rapport with your boss so that you have a frank conversation whenever necessary. This helps in nurturing the relationship in the long-run, thus beneficial to you and the company.

It was interesting to note that preferences to work with the crème also feature in the wish list of employees. You must feel proud to be a part of the company as people then look up to you as a valuable resource. The company must be the best in industry.

Flexi timings and a relaxed set up makes employees feel that the company is concerned about them. Employees should be allowed to come in and leave at any time as long as tasks are accomplished within the stipulated time line.

There should be some degree of relaxation when it comes to grooming. When you have meetings you should be dressed formal; on other days, one should have the liberty of dressing according to one’s comfort.

The beats of good music, great food at the cafeteria is welcome for the employees. The interiors of the office must be vibrant with bright lights to pep up people to work. A table tennis and snooker Table would be a bonus to be played during breaks.

A few minutes to catch up a quick nap would be welcome initiative. It is practiced in some countries. It would be a rejuvenating exercise. A gym at work would also be great.

At an event management firm you end up working seven days a week, so the company should incorporate initiatives like monthly movies to break the monotony. An outdoor offsite must be arranged every six months to ease the stress. It should ideally be to a beach and training should not be a part of the schedule.

The list of the essentials for that perfect workplace may be exhaustive, but it’s not that difficult to find one. You may not get everything that you want, but matching up should not be a task. Finally, it is essential to keep in mind that ideal may be a mind set for many and your workplace can be what you make it to be. —