Importance of Brand Ambassadors (HR)

Organizations, across India Inc, know the importance of brand ambassadors. No matter how much money they spend on various branding initiatives, they know that their employees are the ones that can take the organization forward, in terms of branding. However, experts of India Inc say that the employees are not the only ones who act as ambassadors. This league also includes the prospective employees who come in for interviews or tests in the organization. The impression they have of the organization is powerful, as these candidates go out and share their experience with the people outside. No organization wants to loose out on this hence they are inventing ways to keep their guests on board happy and comfortable.

They want to make sure that the whole interview process is a good experience for the candidate. Even if the person doesn’t get an offer from the company, he/she must leave with a good impression about the organization. It is a long term relationship with the candidate and the organizations do not want any negative experience to hamper it.

If a person says that even though “I did not get a job at XYZ innovation campus, I enjoyed the experience of attending the interview” is a reaction known to work greatly in an organization’s favor. Hence, the firms take care of every candidate, who comes in, irrespective of their selection or not.

Right from the start of the interview process, every individual involved from the receptionist to the HR manager, tries to make the candidate feel comfortable within the office premises. Organizations are keen to know the experience of the candidates and they try to get feedback from them, either through a one-on-one discussion or through a feedback form.

A few companies have a candidate feedback form where they ask questions like how did you find the company overview given by their recruiter or how did they find the entire interview process? They also ask them if they would like to give any suggestions for further improvements in our process. This helps to get a different insight about their organization.

According to industry experts, such feedback from candidates is important for the organization, as it could improve certain aspects/policies within the organization. The feedback from the candidates is carefully assessed by the internal team of the organization and if there are any valuable suggestions that could improve the recruitment process, it is implemented promptly in the system.

Once a candidate shares his/her feedback organizations try their best to bring in the changes. Based on this interaction one of the changes made with the candidates one company came to know about the difficulties in reaching their campus, as the premises is a little out of the way from the city. To rectify this issue, they now provide proper directions route map to reach the campus along with other details that they wouldn’t have known if the candidates hadn’t brought this to their notice in the feedback.

Another firm has initiated certain changes after getting feedback from their candidates. Certain candidates in their feedback had complained about the timings of the interview. And to make the interview more candidate friendly, this firm decided to conduct the first round of interviews over the phone. After getting feedback they conduct interviews either early in the morning or late in the evening, so that candidates do not have to lose their working hours.

Another important suggestion they received was about getting feedback from the interviewer. Many candidates wanted to know about their performance in the interview and reasons for their acceptance/rejection. So, to provide feedback the interviewer directly speaks to the candidate and tells him/her the reasons for acceptance/rejection.

Experts also say that giving feedback to the employer can also work in candidates’ favor, in the long run. They say that even if candidate has been rejected in a prior interview, there are high chances that the organization will remember him/her as she/he may have brought in a significant change through feedback.

Feedback about the organization is necessary right from the start. They also say that is a win-win situation for the candidate, as he/she may have been responsible for a significant change. So next time, if you go for an interview and are given a feedback form, be honest and fill up. Your feedback can prove to be a very valuable contribution to the company.

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