Getting a job and to continue as a Winner

Job seekers unintentionally make some common mistakes during interviews, which reduces their chances of getting hired. Here are some major interview blunders that you need to avoid:

1. Arriving late: Never be late for your job interview, because it is just inexcusable. We suggest you rather arrive 10 minutes early so that you have enough time to settle in and ease your frayed nerves. Also arriving late means that you are going to enter into the interview looking all sweaty and disturbed hair. So make the most of those extra minutes to present your best self.
2. The wrong dress code: It is very important to be dressed right when you go for an interview. But make sure you find out what the work culture of that organization is like and dress accordingly. Your dress code will also differ according to the post you have applied for. For instance if you have applied for a middle management post, make sure you wear formals with a tie. You don’t need to wear a blazer. Ladies may keep away from loud colors, junk jewelry and revealing clothes.
3. Avoid one-liners: There are some common questions you should be prepared to answer like: What kind of work were you doing in your previous job? Why do you think we should hire you? How can you value add to the company? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your salary expectations? Make yourself comfortable and be sure to elaborate on your experience, skills, and background. Don’t give monosyllable answers like ‘yes or ‘no’ One-liners are conversation stoppers. Your interviewer will not have gleaned any extra information that what you have penned down in your resume.
4. Poor body language: Remember that body language always speaks louder than words. At times an interviewer may pay more attention to how you react to a particular question than to what you actually say. So never ever:

a) Slouch in your chair: The interviewer will think that you are not interested in the job you have applied for.
b) Avoid eye contact: We are not asking you to stare at the interviewer like a psycho, but at least don’t look around while answering the interviewer. Instead maintain eye contact while replying. It shows how confident you are.
c) Sit with your hands crossed.
d) Interrupt the interviewer.

After getting the job it is not the end of the world. One has to be a winner meaning successfully achieving the organization’s tasks while getting the cooperation of peers and where applicable subordinates as well as clients or customers. Given below are some suggestions to achieve this:

Believing in your self when nobody else does is truly difficult but not impossible. So, the first quality needed to be a winner is to believe in yourself and respect your decisions in no matter what you do. Never think negative before you take up a task. Believe in yourself and do good.

While working on an assignment, you need to have a positive attitude. There are chances that you may be criticized for doing good in life. There are equal chances of you being criticized when you do bad. So just do good in life and don’t worry about criticism that ensues.

The fact is winners have better attitude than losers. Also, winners always form the habit of doing things that losers don’t like to do vice versa. Moreover, a winner’s attitude is characterized by his/her self-esteem, a positive outlook of life, a willingness to learn, self-discipline and self-control. Remember, winners persist, losers desist. So decide which category do you fall in. Have a winning attitude.

Commitment is the key factor to be a winner. You should take charge and establish a course of action that will help you achieve your goals. You should be determined not to be side-tracked by outside influences and stay committed towards your goals. Remember, whenever you put your heart and mind in whatever you do, nothing is impossible to achieve. So be serious in life, be committed and you will surely be successful.

A true leader is someone who realizes that there is absolutely no substitute in life for hard work. If you want to succeed in life, the quickest way is to be prompt in volunteering responsibility. You will become a leader soon.

Instead of being upset and harming yourself after you have been rejected, think positively and resolve to reverse your failure into success. Sit down and think about what went wrong and if you manage to lay hands on your folly, try not to repeat that mistake again. Remember, making a mistake is not the end of the world, but realizing and repeating the same mistake is the end of the world. So, take charge of your life and happy winning. Learn from your past experiences.