Job consultant and Job hunting

How would you go about looking for a job? Your list of options would most probably include going through classifieds, asking friends and family for openings in their companies, listing yourself on sites like and of course registering yourself with an employment agency. Though an employment agency or job consultant is best suited to offer you a position that meets your educational standards, there is no guarantee that they will find you your dream job unless you ensure that they understand your preferences and personality traits. They should be capable of suggesting a change in career options based on their understanding of your requirements and temperaments. So how do you know if your job consultant is doing his/her best for you. Ask some leading questions like the ones listed below, especially when they offer you a job, to make an informed decision:

* What job do you think I am best suited for?
* Will you be in constant communication with me, regarding new job openings?
* How many people have you placed in my particular field of expertise in the past year?
* Which are the companies registered with you and what is the pay scale range for the job you would recommend me for?
* Can you tell me something about the person who will interview me or who is my prospective employer?
* Can you give me details of the company’s hierarchical order and where I would fit in?
* What makes you certain that I would fit into this company’s structure?
* What are the perceivable difficulties I would face if I got hired?
* Have you placed people in this company before, what has been their feedback and track record?
* What are the requirements that the employer has listed for his prospective employee?
* What contribution do you see me making in the company’s progress?
* What are the chances for promotion?
* Why has this position become available?
* How many times has this job become available in the past five years?
* What is the current status of the industry and what are your predictions for its future?

While, the employment agency has a responsibility towards you, it works both ways. If you are given an appointment date, stick with it. If they perceive you as being unreliable, they will put you on the back burner. Also, remember the employment agency is basically marketing you, so if you show up sloppily dressed at their office they will not have much faith in the product (you) they are marketing. So, it is best if you check out the level of professionalism that your job consultant displays, but be sure to maintain quid pro quo.

The traditional route to identify vacancies as well as announce one’s existence to employers has been through job portals over the last decade. With technology being embedded deeper into our lives companies and candidates are looking at newer mediums beyond job portals. The system works to the advantage of organizations as well. The digital revolution has led to a lot of opportunities. The online system is cost-effective and it gives prospective applicants the convenience to surf through user friendly portals. An emerging online advertisement market driven by increased Internet traffic is directly contributing to the rapid growth of the industry.

A recruiter is more likely to notice a candidate who sends in a video resume as compared to a test based one. Video resumes are the buzz for HR professionals and the trend is slowly gathering, moments. A candidate with a video resume definitely has an edge over the others. For e.g. if he is in competition with people having the same qualifications, the video resume the employer in shifting the decision in his favor as the employer can also assess the candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor. As the job, market gets more competitive you will see an increase in the use of video resumes by job seekers looking to get an edge over their competition.

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