Getting business through presentations or business dinners

Everyone is not a born orator. You have to work at giving a great presentation. Here are some trips to help you polish your presentation skills:

Start and end strong: It is extremely important that you come across as self assured and confident from the word go. Do not hesitate or be restless, introduce yourself, thank the audience for their attendance and take it from there. End strong again too; thanking the audience for their time, throw the floor open for any questions. If there are not any, do not stand there uncomfortably assure them you will be around if they have any queries later.

Tell them a story: If the people want to know what your company does etc, they can read the brochure. Make the topic interesting; tell it like a story to capture their attention. Above all never read from the slide this is biggest and oft committed mistake of most presenters.

Stand up: If you want to garb attention make sure you are seen. Stand a little away from the podium so that you are free to move and explain any charts or details on the slides.

Take a pause: When you have to underscore a point, take a pause, count till five and then continue if you need to explain further. This lets the main message sink in and makes the audience more receptive to what you say next.

Use props: Demonstration is more likely to be remembered by your audience so if possible incorporate props in your presentation.

Rehearse: Once you have your text, images props, etc in place, plan your speech. Above all practice it with the right pauses, intonations make sure that your speech and the slide on display match.
Apart from presentation in the company’s conference room an informal business dinner may also achieve excellent results. How to go about it?

Make your biz dinner a success:

These are the days of high power business meetings. Very often due to pressing time constraints, people get together to do business over dinner. So if you’re planning a business to, you have to ensure that the business is as successful as the dinner. Keep the following points in mind:

Plan it well:

If you are hosting the dinner, then make sure you ask your guest their cuisine preference. Also, always make hotel reservations. On the flipside, if you have been invited to a dinner, make sure that you have the right address and time. Carry your business cards with you but avoid bulky paperwork. It is best to arrive a bit early to give yourself time to relax.

It is always best to wait your turn as the waiter rakes the order. However, if your guest leaves the choice to you then take the liberty of ordering for then. If you are a guest, take your host’s lead. Avoid ordering anything that is too messy. Don’t go berserk ordering all your favorite dishes. Remember your purpose is not to get a free meal.

While we don’t expect to dig out your copy of Miss Manners before dinners, it is always best to follow good table. Do not speak with your mouth full, place napkin neatly on your lap, use the cutlery placed on the Table and eat at a comfortable pace. Don’t excuse yourself from the table till everyone is through with their meal.

A business dinner is the most social form of conducting business. This means that you don’t immediately rush into the agenda. Use general conversation to break the ice, speak of family, or any general topic concerning the company. Ideally the business matters should be broached when the dinner is over and the coffee is served. At the same time don’t be caught off guard, be ready with your homework in case some sticky questions are asked.

Studies show that way you eat and conduct your self at the dinner table goes a long way in creating an impression. So if you want people to think highly of you, brush up on your presentations skills. It won’t hurt to know how to handle a knife and fork.

At dinner:

1. Don’t talk about religion politics or use blasphemy.
2. Don’t burp, yawn or dig your nose please!
3. Don’t gossip about your colleagues
4. Don’t be rude to service staff or complain about the food.

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