Skills needed for moonlighting

Ever heard about the doctor who occasionally dons the hat of a DJ or and actor who runs an ad agency? In today’s swift-paced world, there are many people who successfully pursue dual professions. The act of working dual or handling multiple jobs, aptly termed as moonlighting is a trend that’s surely catching up. What prompts one to moonlight and what skills are needed to pursue a second career? Let’s try to find the answers.

Many people with full time jobs and high energy are keen to follow their passion without giving up their present job. People who are in one profession but know where their deeper interest lies are usually the ones to moonlight. Most people pursue a second career, which is usually a passion or a hobby, or it may be financially driven. Besides a full time job, many people yearn to do something else. Moonlighting or working part time offers the ideal way out. Usually the first career choice in most cases is the result of academic qualification or opportunities and second is one’s hobby. It goes without saying that apart from monetary returns, pursuing two professions gives you greater job satisfaction.

For instance, MD in gynecology and obstetrics who has her private practice in Mumbai doubles up as a DJ, She states: Music has always been her passion however medicine was an ideal career choice as she was good at studies. A doctor by profession derives great pleasure in swinging different tunes for film stars parties, consulates and corporate shows. She has also played at a number of night clubs across the nation and in Dubai and London.

A Bollywood actor who successfully runs an advertising agency confesses, he loves facing the camera but knows acting is a short term career. He enjoys the career highs and lows of being an actor and also the field of advertising where he attends client meetings. A member of the board of directors juggles between his office and client meetings and with his Bollywood assignments. He has to really sweat it out. It takes a lot of multitasking and proper planning to pursue two careers.

Moonlighting requires a multi tasking time management and flawless balancing act and time management. Giving justice to both the professions is not a cakewalk. It not just about managing two careers but balancing your personal and professional life as well. And to be able to do that effectively, the biggest challenge is time management.

He is selective about the assignments he takes for DJ-ing. He doesn’t go out of station too often. He is clear about DJ-ing being secondary profession. Identifying your primary profession and allocating time for different activities is the key to success. He has to have priorities in place. Multitasking comes easy if you are passionate about something. A Doctor has discovered that both scalpel and spindle can exist side by side. What matters is your level of commitment undying enthusiasm and sincere efforts.

Knowing your priorities and effective delegation of activities surely helps. Seek to delegate where possible and cooperate with your colleagues by redistributing specialized tasks. Delegation of work and trust is necessary when you know you can’t be present at all the places at the same time. Trust your support team’s decision and avoid questioning them. One needs to look at the long term objectives and take charge of things to achieve what you plan.

It isn’t as tough as it seems though there are times when it takes its toll. But if you enjoy the thrill of managing two extremely diverse jobs, everything will fall in place. A switching mechanism is quite helpful. The key is to take everything in your stride.
Any one who wants to dabble in two fields should focus on one thing at a time. When you are doing one job you should be able to give it your hundred percent. Being focused and organized help you to run things smoothly. Make one job your priority. Decide one is more important, whether for financial or personal reasons, and don’t let the second job interfere with your performance on the first.

Pursuing a career of choice is a meditation in itself if you put sincere efforts. Planning and organizing is of utmost important.

Many individuals moonlight not just for extra money but for inner satisfaction. Doing voluntary work with NGO’s is an example. It fulfills their urge to do something that they always wanted to. —