You have to market yourself at work

If one wants to climb the corporate ladder quickly, he or she needs to be seen, heard and recognized for performance firstly by employers. For that you need to sell yourself to all kinds of people – employers, clients, and colleagues.

By marketing yourself well, you are promoting your skills and showing others what you are capable of. Here’s how to market your self:

Speak up in meetings: Contributing during meetings is a great way to sell your self and to get on the radar of the higher ups. Make sure you get credit where credit is deserved. Ascertain that your reports indicate you have taken all the efforts behind the project.

Stroll around for a few minutes everyday. Take a few minutes to take a round and greet all the people you know with a simple and exchange pleasantries. Volunteer to lead: Take the initiative to take charge of a project. Or accept a leadership position within a project.

Mediate a conflict: This will display your leadership management skills. Give your best performance: Vie for the employee of the month/quarter award if any in your company. It is the best way to expose your talent to the higher-ups.

Stay updated: Read industry publications, reports/magazines etc. Your colleagues will look up to you for advice and information and talk positively about you to others. This is sure to give you good third party publicity. Get to know people in other parts of the company. Nominate yourself for projects that will get you to interact with colleagues from other departments.

Volunteer to work on a project/task that others have rejected or have failed at. Succeeding where others have failed is a fantastic way to sell your self.Participate in extra-curricular activities. This will show off your talent in areas other than work, your all round personality and your sportsman spirit.

Expose your name: Contribute to your organization’s news letter/website/journal. Top executives read company publication, so you will be able to increase your personal PR as well as establish yourself as a leader in your area. So remember never shy away from promoting yourself. It can greatly improve your chances of getting ahead. ‘Promoting’ must not mean sycophancy but with contributory performance.

The above needs a positive body language as well. The first step towards impressing boss, colleagues or clients is to use the right body language. Studies on the subject show that 55 percent of all communication is non verbal. So here are some pointers to make an impact without words:

Comfort matters: When seated and discussing with colleagues, see that no part of your body is getting strained you are not facing a bright light sources and your hands are rested on your lap. While you don’t have to be at attention at all times, don’t slouch either.

Positive mannerism: It is always best to adopt mannerisms and actions that give off positive vibes. Show that you are responsive by leaning slightly toward the speaker, keep your arms open and nod from time to time. A smile can go a long way.

Psychologists refer to the habit of copying another person’s posture, pace of speech etc as mirroring. If done unobtrusively, mirroring a colleague when you are speaking with him/her can establish a connection or bond of liking and respect which can then be built upon.

It is all in the eyes: A person who avoids eye contact could be considered suspicious and dishonest. However, be sure to avert your gaze from time to time to avoid staring which can make the opposite person uncomfortable. Be very conscious of your body language and while it may not come to you immediately, practicing the above tips will help you make a good impression at work.

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