Highly successful Managers

No matter what post you are at whether you are a CEO of a company or the department head, you need to have absolute clarity about what you want in Life or from that particular job. Only then you can be successful. If you are not clear in you head, you will never achieve success even after slogging for the rest of your life. The best examples are people like Bill Gates and Dhiru Bhai Ambani. They were pretty clear about what they had to do in life and so they achieved success. So, Clarity is a must and clarity means vision. That is why leaders are known as visionaries who can foresee what they want.

A lot of people try dong various things in Life to achieve success. But remember unless you focus on one particular thing (your ultimate goal) and work towards achieving it, you will ever be successful. Be focused

To be successful professional, it is very important for you to understand that if your company is paying you Rs 10,000 you need to make sure that you give back 10 times more value of work. In most cases people try and avoid work and shirk responsibilities when they are expected to work longer hours. But instead of trying to escape from work, if you work harder the company will definitely reward you for your hard work in the long run. Give more than what you get.

You must have heard – If you sleep with a dog, you smell like a dog. So, if you are not too good at your job, make sure you hang around with smart and intelligent people at work. Only then will you learn from them. Also, remember, you need to approach them if you want to learn from them. Don’t wait for someone to come to you and talk. Lastly, remember that it is very important that you have people around you who are dynamic and people who will empower you.

It is a fact that every single millionaire in this world has had or has a supportive partner. A supportive partner can make a whole lot of difference to your life. So, if you are married, make sure you and your partner give each other the same kind of support and continue working hard. You will soon realize that nothing can stop you from being successful in life and achieving your dreams. So do not waste any more time day dreaming, and be supportive.

With your hard work and achieving some success once you become a group leader or manager you must follow certain principles to achieve goals for the organization as given below:

Smart goals make for smart organizations. So, it is very important for managers to set smart goals to achieve success. Here is a list of things that can help managers do a better job:

A good manager also needs it to up-to-date with all the current procedures in the company to expect good results from the employees. He should be kind and be able to build a good rapport with his employees. Moreover, if you go out of your way to do good for your employees they will always remember and respect you for all the good things you have dine for them.

A manager must be creative. Creativity adds a spark to the otherwise mundane responsibilities and projects and it really can act as an inspirational tool for co-workers and other employees. He should never let this authority bring about differences between him and his team members. It is always good to be someone your team members can look up to. So be friendly with your employees when it comes to having fun, and be a manager only when it is time to get down to work.

It is important to be a calm boss. A manager should make sure his employees feel free when it comes to having an open discussion. He should be open to sudden changes and suggestions given by his employees even if they are juniors.

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