Pre – Interview preparation techniques

Your CV might be printed on a crisp paper, but if you’re dressed shabbily the chances of you getting hired are minimal. So we tell you how to dress right for your job interview:

Make sure you dress the part for the job, the company, and the industry. Dressing in appropriately formal attire is a safe bet. Your clothing does not have to be new or a designer brand. But just make sure it is wrinkle free, has a fresh look and your clothes are properly ironed. Try your clothes on a day before so ensure that they fit fine.

Err on the side of conservatism. You don’t want to distract your interviewer with you attire. Avoid loud patterns or excessive colors.

Get a proper shave and make sure your hair is neat: Young men must make sure their hair is trimmed and Girls ensure not a hair is out of place. Proper grooming will do wonders for looks.

Retire early the night before the interview a make sure you sleep soundly so that you are fully prepared for the day ahead.

Many men don’t know how to knot tier ties properly. Make sure you’re not one of them. Tie your tie correctly.Avoid strong cologne or aftershave because it may just distract the interviewer.

Polish or clean your shoes the night before and make sure they match your clothes. Your shoes should also be conservative. Carry a conservative purse or briefcase and avoid anything that’s funky.

Make certain your nails are neatly filed. Do not arrive at the interview with nails that are bitten or chewed off. Women’s nail polish should be conservative in color and not half chipped. Wear simple, minimal accessories and don’t freak out on junk jewelry. Match the belt to the color of your shoes. Women, stay away for stilettos and the noisy heels.

Remember to brush you teeth use mouthwash and/or have a breath mint right before the interview. If you are chewing gum, make sure you throw it before you enter the interview. Bad breath is a big turn off. Be inspired by the people who are successful in their careers and reached their present position by going through tough and competitive interviews.

When we see people do things we cannot do, or have things we don’t have, it might be tempting it be a little jealous. But jealousy doesn’t lead to anything except resentment, and that is not going to help you Instead of being jealous of others, focus on being inspired. Let the success of others move you forward towards your own success. After all, people who are doing things you want to do or have things you want are people like you and me. What is within reach for them, is also within reach for you. Next time you find yourself turning green over the success of someone else, here is what you need to consider.

Those people ahead of you are setting a great example of what is possible. Be thankful to them because they provide examples and paths to follow. Use other people’s success to build your own confidence and power. When one succeeds, it doesn’t mean you have to do exactly what they do. You can take cues from their performance. Though you can monitor your own success, it sure is great to have examples as references points. Other people’s reference will give you company in bridging your own challenges.

Use the examples of successful people as guides to help you achieve what you want. Learn from their success and most importantly learn from their journey and plan yours in accordance. When doing your study make sure you focus on their journey in detail. Just vying for their success may not help much but their journey towards that success will inspire you to walk on strong.

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