A formal/informal sabbatical is good for executives

Personal life and health often take a backseat in lieu of a successful career. In this rollercoaster ride, taking a break might perhaps be the best way to reflect on and evaluate life.

The reasons to take a break may vary. Irrespective of what the reason is, if used effectively these breaks can take you a long way. According to, a marketing executive in the education sector she evaluated her priorities when she was expecting a baby. She had been living hectic life balancing her career and domestic responsibilities. Pregnancy made her to realize that for at least a while, she needs to focus on her self. That day she quit. Now, five years later she has taken up a job again and she admits that the sabbatical did wonders to her life.

A banking professional who is a planning to take a study break, rightly points out that today companies are encouraging their employees to take a break to upgrade themselves with latest trends etc. Nowadays, a lot of people are realizing the importance of up-skilling mid-career. Companies have understood the merits of allowing their existing executives to take a break, study and return to the company to resume their career. Such employees bring along with them a set of new skills. For many taking a formal sabbatical from work also ensures that they can take a break without worrying about looking or anew job when they return.

Taking a break can be beneficial in more than one way. If you do not plan yourself well, it could also be vice versa. So here is a list of things you could do to ensure that you are ready for the challenge that lies ahead once you decide to step into the corporate world again.

As a thumb rule, quit your job on good terms and stay in touch with your colleagues and seniors. They may be able to help you when you need it. Maintaining good relations with previous employers will also keep you in the loop. This will in turn help you find the kind of job you are looking for – it could even be a job you can pursue from the comforts of your home. Even if you are certain at that you do not want such opportunities, there is no harm in keeping the door open.

If you have the faintest desire to return to the workforce you must keep yourself abreast with the changes that are taking place in your field. Ignorance can raise a question on your level of seriousness about what you did and what you’re likely to take up in future.

Today, many companies offer their employees the option of working from home. If you think you like the job you are doing, but need to slow down to strike a balance between your personal and professional lives, this could perhaps be a good option. This has a dual advantage. While the employee gets to work from home, saving on time spent on commutation etc, it also reduces the cost-of-seat of the employee for the employer and at the same time the company gets to retain a valuable asset. When one VK wanted to slow down, his employer offered him the option of working from home. It has been three years and he can safely say it has given him the satisfaction of retaining professional skills and also focus on family as well.

Societal norms, family expectations and social biases often lead all of us into conventional mainstream careers. But there comes a time when you wish to revisit your passions.

Today, there are several options to choose from if you wish to be an entrepreneur. Network marketing sees most have taken a lead to become one of the most regularly taken up offers by people who quit their jobs only because they wish to be their own boss.

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