An effective medium for seeking jobs or talent

RK was looking for a job and he used to invest time on job portals and much to his surprise he got a few good offers. Still he gets calls from prospects which is great. You never know when that lucrative offer can come along. Citing his own success story as an example, RK rightly points out that the chances of getting a job offer via a portal is high.

According to an assistant consultant, all the details of prospective candidates are placed on the table, thus enabling you to reach out to the right people. By keeping in relevant search words, the portal pulls out corresponding CVs making your search easier and more specific. You can immediately judge if the candidate is suitable, thus saving on time. Contacting the candidate directly through a portal search is an advantage for most companies. Based on the package you pay for, you can get access to tons of CVs. It saves on so much time and energy in contrast to hiring through a consultancy.

They are useful for urgent requirements. For some companies, it is a hassle-free tool. Most of the time, you find good quality personnel via these portals, and it is so much better than running after consultants. However, even for consultancies they are indeed a blessing in disguise.

Job portals may be an effective medium. Today it is not the stand alone choice for recruitment. Although these portals line up a host of interviews how many would be worth taking up. If not a great job offer, they are sure to add to the junk in your mail box. It’s not a good idea to rely completely on these portals since one cannot wait for months for a reversal to an application and for the right jobs to be uploaded. Many companies email you without knowing your actual qualifications particularly search firms. The magnitude of responses could become overwhelming at times. Sometimes it becomes difficult to handle the calls you receive after posting your resume since they would be from all over India, and you could receive one at the wrong time as well.

Credibility of resumes poses as one of the challenges to employers. These job portals are useful for hiring support staff. However, for voice process agents, where communication skills are extremely important, we prefer hiring via a consultancy which physically screens the candidates, and short lists them according to their skills. For most, the conventional still holds forth, considering you would always prefer hiring people by word of mouth since you indirectly know the person.

Since one candidate has so many options available you are not sure if he would take up the job when you approach him. These portals may be used for hiring lower to middle level management, but the senior level management, recruiters find it extremely difficult since most of them would not have their resumes posted online. The same would go for recruitment of an individual with highly specialized skills.

Thus, today the scales of the pros and cons seem to be balanced, but the future dies behold a bright spark. Most definitely every job portal today faces competition, be it from its counterparts, or the alternative techniques, but experts from the industry vouch for the expansion of their market share in the years to come. Companies are now realizing the effectiveness of e-recruitment; they are adopting this emerging technique along with traditional one and with these job portals recording rapid growth rates and profits, they are here to only get bigger and better.

They have tremendous potential, and it will always be a win-win situation for companies, consultants, and job seekers. If they enhance their services by screening and verifying job seekers, they are sure to be the preferred options.

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