Online Job Portals – a job seeker’s support

Most of the job seekers are stuck when it comes to drafting their first resume. There are umpteen number of questions that pour in – what should you mention when there is no work experience? How to present it? Which is the right word?

Cut to your first job. It has been over a year. You are dissatisfied with the pay. The hours you put in are stupendous. You want to run, but where?

A couple if years down the line, you are working at an MNC, drawing a fat pay package saving up for the dream car. But the perfectionist boss coupled with no incentives tripled with no job satisfaction brings you at the crossroads again. You can not wait a minute longer and want a change ASAP. The walls of your cubicle seem to be coming to you and you just can not get your self to plaster a smile to the irate client. In comes the savior. One click, and calls from prospective employers are flowing in. You are breathing life again and soon enough greeting your new colleagues, thanks to an online job portal.

With soaring inflation increased consumerism and purchasing power, an individual is constantly looking for big bucks and a better position, resulting in a hop skip and jump to various jobs. The highly volatile job markets today and surging attritions rates have resulted in companies incessantly looking out for quality manpower.

Technological boom over the last decade has made the internet an indispensable tool for tapping potential talent. Online job portals aim at making the human resources function more effectively for job seekers as well as employers. But are these job portals as efficient as they seem? We explore their nuances:

For Job seekers, job portals offer a plethora of opportunities. By investing a few minutes in registering your self on the portal detailing your educational and professional experience and attaching an updated resume, you can expect numerous employers to knock on your door, within a short span of time, and yes all for free. To make your search specific and quicker you can also run a category wise search which may include fields like Distribution and Delivery/Courier, TV and films, Ticketing/ Reservation etc.

If you wish to take the shortcut, these sites also feature quick links to the most preferred employers. Else you can tailor your search via consultancies. If you are looking for a job on another city then you can search by location, and that is not all, job seekers aspiring to go abroad can look forward to a host of options. You can also search based on the number of years of work experience, and if you have an expected salary in mind, you can further narrow your search. Apart from your inbox you can also receive job alerts on your cell phone for free.

Add in the moolah (can be steep for a fresher/trainee) and these sites offer various customized services which are sure to increase your chances of getting noticed; from drafting a resume packed with the industry’s key words to providing a cover letter, you can expect an ROI (return on investment). Some of these portals also offer the choice of sending your resume to over 1000 consultants or a job within the country. Moving beyond the written word, these websites also facilitate posting of video resumes you in a much effective manner.

Considering the platter provided, these sites are a boon, be it for the job seekers consultancies or companies. Today the first thing an individual looking for a job does is registering on a job portal. It is extremely convenient and quick in contrast to contacting a head hunter, or going to each company’s individual website or responding to an ad in the newspaper.

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