Designing of interior and outdoor spaces- A career too

We have incorporated this article for the benefit of professionals and aspirants who want to make a professional career in the field with the demand increasing for better and thrilling interiors. However the aptitude of the person with the intentions should be artistic and like the job. He need not necessarily be a Civil Engineer or qualified Architect.

Designing of interior and outdoor spaces requires an understanding of the relationship between the human mind and the surrounding area. Each design element affects individuals and a combination of features can be skillfully used to complement different moods and styles.

A minimalist design does away with clutter and in a way, clears the mind making it conducive to meditation. With a minimalist theme, emphasis is on a single texture or a piece of furniture while the rest of the space is kept subdued.

Furniture in pale shades combined with dark flooring crates a sense of infinity. Geometric patterned furniture is placed alongside smaller works of art to add a touch of character.

The use of light is vital to any design; the intensity of light is used to set the desired mood. A single light focusing on a painting in a large space calls for a quiet dinner, while numerous glittering lights can get a party started.

A monochromatic color scheme with minimalists can be made dramatic with the play of light.

Fabrics infuse a sense of warmth and add texture – pastel hues create the illusion of space, while darker shades give you that cosy feeling. Earthy shades like browns, reds and yellows inspire warmth; while vibrant bright colors can boost your flagging spirits.

Vivid colors and textures make warm spaces. Shades of ochre, gold, orange and bronze energize a room, while hues of blue and green instill a sense of calm. A single wall with golden motifs combined with wrought iron furniture in contemporary styles will achieve a balance of the traditional and modern. A comfortable wooden or wrought iron chair placed alongside a coffee table, against a backdrop of beige and gold makes a wonderful setting. Silk upholstery, zari-bordered cushions covers, organza, sheer fabrics in hues of red and gold are rich in texture and fabric.

Low seating with heavy curtains and white paper lamps bring the scale of a space, while a high ceiling with minimalist walls and a tall freestanding lamp increase it.

Vinyls or laminated floors with a wood finish are the most practical solutions and readily available. For that clean look, combine wooden flooring in lighter shades with steel armed furniture in white. For a formal setting, pick dark colored wooden flooring. To design a space that beckons you to let your hair down, opt for smoothing tones.

Add a large metal lamp with soft light that shines through slits and you have a perfect combination of minimalism and drama.

If metal is not your style, then choose art work with compact laminates that can be laser cut into abstract art to adorn your walls.

For a novel look try leather-like wall finishes. Dark leather can be used for commercial spaces while beige is ideal for a bedroom.

Metal artworks and murals ca be used for clean minimalists look as well as for a more classical touch. A combination of minimalism and vibrancy can serve a stunning background to a mural. Large freestanding columns are an interesting base for a cotemporary mural in steel or copper. A mural in copper sheets and paint infuses a traditional element to any space.

Your favorite corner can be designed in a comfortable yet stylish way by using a wall finish that adds character to the space

Concrete blocks in hues of red and yellow add character to your exterior walls and can be an interesting backdrop to your open air terrace Floral interlocking tiles can be an interesting feature for terrace spaces.

For your bathroom, go with large yet subtle monochromatic tiles with textures or patterns white ceramic fixtures and just the right amount of brown or black.

To add a dash of fun to your bathroom, incorporate glass beads. These can be coordinated with your tiles and ceramic fixtures. In a monochromatic bathroom make a multi colored pattern with these glittering glass beads.