Getting things done

Some individuals often feel like they can never get anything done successfully. Obstacles abound in every task and are to be expected or anticipated. However, having certain inherent qualities make getting work done a lot easier and can mark the difference between success and failure. What is better is that, even if you are lacking in some qualities, you learn them if you put in some sincere efforts. Some of the qualities that may be required to overcome problems and reach the goal are,

* Having to rummage through a messy desk or office searching for a missing address, phone number, or report is the biggest deterrent to getting a perfect start to a task at hand. So the first thing you need to do is take out time and stay organized. Then the time you require to complete your tasks will be substantially reduced.

* A bit of persistence can make a lot of difference in your success/failure ratio. Remember, persistence is what provides the impetus to do everything required, whether you want to or not. It also helps tide over rough times.

* While getting things done, you will constantly be forced to make decisions, both big and small. Your success will largely be determined by your ability to make these decisions swiftly and effectively.

* Self motivation and a go-getter attitude are required to get tings done. An energetic self starter will have the ability to motivate him self into action. If you are not a self starter it will not be easy to get things done on your own since as no one will be there to urge you to do things.

* Good interaction – an important quality, given that most workplaces these days expose you to a wide variety of people, and some of these may have personalities that will rub you the wrong way. No matter what type of people you come across, you will need to do your best to work well with them all. It is easy to work with someone you like, but its ability to work with the ones you do not like that can make you a successful person.

* Most situations can be tuned around. Rarely ever is there a problem that cannot be immediately solved. Know this as a rule that most of the times you can turn every problematic situation around, if you do give it a fair chance.

When you are building a solution focus only on the gain, because the problem existed in the past and the past cannot be changed. What is in your hands is present and that’s where creation happens. Don’t think of the problem while creating the solution.

Consider the problem as an opportunity to deliver better results than you would have. Research shows that major inventions have taken place in times of crisis and war. When your neck is on the time, it is easier to be creative. Solutions must be made creative.

Make yours solution a gain for those affected. Your solution must come as a blessing and gain to all those affected. The benefits should be for more impressive than the inconvenience caused.

Having said the above your appearance at the work place makes you look confident and induce a positive reaction in the person or persons you are dealing with. Then how it should be?

A pair of decent leather black shoes is a necessity as they match most of the outfits of ones wardrobe and hence are a good investment.

Make sure you have at least one decent leather briefcase or bag you can carry to work. It should always be well cleaned and have separate compartments to keep work papers.

You don’t want to fumble your wallet/bag when someone asks for your business card. A stylish leather or metal card holder not only keeps your cards organized but also looks good.

Though people may find it unnecessary, it does make an impression. After all, you can’t take out a five rupee pen from the pocket of your expensive business suit. Expensive business suit may be considered if you are holding a top management position and going for high level business negotiation or meeting some foreign company executives, otherwise a formal wear with a tie and properly attired will do. Reserve your cheap pens for daily use but keep an expensive one for your high level business meetings.

Make sure you always have a organizer with you. You don’t want to be caught borrowing paper from people or scribbling notes on bits of paper in a client meeting. It also helps you to keep track of your schedule and refer to important details.

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