Creative workspaces to drive employee motivation

What if you step into your office building one fine day and find out that the entire appearance of the office has undergone a major makeover? You find that all the glass cubicles have been dismantled to create more open space and you now share your workstation with your CEO! Your canteen has a LAN connection and you are encouraged to work using your laptop, sipping cappuccino, while being seated cozily on a beanbag. Your boss encourages you to have your weekly brainstorming sessions at the office recreational center, while working out on the treadmill. Your new office is swanky, contemporary and stylish.

Today’s employers confirm that the physical workspace plays a vital role in encouraging collaboration, interdependency and sharing among people by creating a home- environment in a commercial setting. Since employee productivity, in a huge way is influenced by the physical environment of their workplace, employers are reaching out to their employees and soliciting their suggestions and feedback as it can shorten their journey to a leaner organization.

It’s a known fact that the corporate environment has become competitive and employees are the sole differentiating factors that separates a good organization from an average one. Hence, in a quest to attract the best talent and retain the existing ones, organizations need to be highly progressive and many feel that creative workspaces can drive employee engagement and motivation. Employees spend eight to ten hours a day at the workplace and hence it’s imperative for employers to provide a workplace which is conducive, friendly and encourages efficiency. And involving employees in our quest to construct a modern yet productive is the best solution. Functioning in a workspace that is appealing innovative and creative makes them feel energized and has a positive impact on the states of mind of the employees.

Internet makes continuous efforts to create an environment that makes employees feel excited to come to work every day. We constantly engage employees and gather feedback on how comfortable they are at the workplace in terms of facilities through both formal and non-formal channels. Internet’s employee satisfaction survey focuses on capturing employee feedback on various topics through online surveys, focus group interactions and senior management interaction These suggestions are then implemented to make the facility a better one, for the employees. Employee participation also evokes a sense of belonging and pride as they get to have a say in the organization’s bigger agendas as well. It provides the ambience and also offers several opportunities for employees to be creative and responsive to change. The flagship office of Pangea3 in Mumbai was developed after several town hall meetings, discussions and group meetings with the employees. Discussions were held about ideal layouts for manager staff seating arrangements, staff entertainment areas etc. In meetings with the managers they drew various designs on a flip chart on how managers and their teams could be seated considering various issues around how managers interact with their team, flexibility around seats and team movement etc. We received considerable number of ideas and suggestions from our employees about ergonomics, size of work stations, lighting, air conditioning discussion rooms etc. The participation of employees not only helps in ensuring that you are providing infrastructure meeting their needs but also makes employees responsible and reduces misuse.

New age offices are well maintained, sleek and neat with a minimalistic look. The furniture used is mostly multipurpose and flexible, and even the design and aesthetics go hand in hand. This new trend has brought in a healthy competition between organizations and has also contributed immensely towards the growth of one’s employer brand. Soon, along with work and work culture, it is evident that office interiors might also become a deterrent, for a candidate while choosing his/her place of work.