CSR activities have positive influence on young minds

In Mumbai, a number of UPS employees visited various NGOs across the city namely Cheshire Home, The National Association of Disabled’s Enterprises (NADE), Reach Education Action Program (REAP) and Stree Mukti Sanghatana, where they engaged in activities like cleaning and maintaining the premises, data entry and painting of Diwali lamps for the upcoming festival of lights. In addition, they also visited the school in Navlakumbre, a village in Maharashtra, where UPS had setup a computer lab and door step school.

Going Green at Symantec is one such CSR initiative of Symantec Corporation that gives small conservation tips that have a huge impact. A pocket size booklet packed with powerful content is shared with employees to read, internalize, practice the tips, share the knowledge with family and friends and make that difference. Employees can also win prizes by participating in related contests. The Going Green Team is responsible for spreading of awareness and understanding of the fact that many of our smallest decisions and actions as individuals each day have tremendous impact on environment. The Symantec Dollars for Doers Program encourages and rewards sustained volunteerism by making a monetary contribution to organizations where employees volunteer their time. Symantec makes a donation for every hour of volunteer service that an employee contributes, beginning with a minimum time commitment of five hours.

What is the impact of these CSR activities on young minds? The initiatives of the Ullas Trust has a positive influence on the Polaris employees, who experience rural, real India in these contact hours, and thus broadening their perspective. Symantec Corporation mentions. It feels good to be able to contribute to the society through initiatives at Symantec. Many of them do not find time or are unaware of the surroundings where they could contribute. Through initiatives like Going Green, they really feel that they contribute in various ways to greening the environment Such initiatives provide an open forum for employees to get exposed to social issues as well as to express their views. Symantec Dollars for Doers, program helps us contribute to society realizing that we have strong support from Symantec on issues we feel strongly about.

For the UPS employees, it was an eye opener. Mr.X has come from a sheltered and privileged background and being a part of the Global Volunteer Month was an experience of a lifetime. For the first time ever in his life, he serviced wheelchairs for the old and organized games for orphan children and just the smile it brought on to so many faces, gave Mr.X immense satisfaction. For some it has been a change in perspective. An employee has been part of the UPS foundation’s initiatives since the last four years. This has completely changed his outlook towards community. As an individual, it has made him much more sensitive, selfless and humble. He feels every individual should engage in such activities at some point in their life. It makes you at peace with yourself, and lends a deeper meaning to life felt an employee.

Professionally, CSR questions an individual, and urges him to take a step in the right direction. Everyone can feel concerned about issues like terrorism, global warming, corruption etc however, stepping ahead and making an effort to correct the situation is very gratifying and gives us a sense of pride. Together we can achieve more concludes an employee.

To keep the moral high and motivate the employees, companies are also rewarding their efforts. Symantec applauds all employees volunteering to improve the areas where they live and work. Many of their programs are designed to offer corporate recognition of the vast amounts of personal time and resources employees invest in making their communities better feels an employee.

CSR though in its primary stages, has undergone a transition from donating money to address issues of immediate concern to supporting causes for long-term benefits. With CSR professionals in lieu, tie-ups with various NGOs, and government partnerships, companies are looking at contributing to the larger picture. Employee awareness and engagement is helping to instill the right values and sentiments, urging them to take the reins of the future in their hands. The time has come for us as citizens of the country, to rise up to our bigger responsibilities. Even a help in minor form cumulatively can contribute a might.

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