Grow along with your manager and organization

Success always comes to people who really want to succeed in life, particularly for those who can think big. So, please don’t sit down doing nothing thinking that success will come your way. You need to take some efforts and get into action to achieve it.

A lot of people keep cribbing about why they are not able to succeed in their career. The most common reason they come up with is that their manager is not helping them to succeed. But then if that is the real issue, why don’t you raise the issue with the manager? In most cases people don’t thinking that it might spoil their relation with the manager.

But it is important for you to understand that if something is unsaid, it is highly probable that its not communicated. Only you know what you want, but for everyone else it has to be communicated. Also, sit down and decide on your career plan. Only you can decide on that and execute it, not your boss.

The best way to grow in a firm is to force your manager to grow upwards. Once he grows, there is a vacancy created and then it’s in your manager’s interest to pull you up rather than appointing someone from outside because, you are the person who he understands best. So, if someone has to grow it has to be your manager first and then you.

Learn to face challenges instead of running away from them or they will run after you. Some challenges may be tough and some may come disguised as simple tasks. It’s important for you to overcome both.

Never keep anything to yourself. Till you complain, no one will even think over the issue. The solution will follow only when the issue is raised. So, if you have any issues with people around you at work, be bold enough to raise it and be clear about it. If you don’t, you are going to end up feeling frustrated.

People grow only when the company grows. It is very hard for people to grow in an organization that’s in a great loss. So everybody needs to put in equal efforts and avoid any kind of actions that may affect company’s growth.

The bottom line is that negative publicity will harm you as much as your company and also damage your professional image in front of others in the industry, making you less employable.

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