Offices of the future for boosting productivity

Does your office have a cafeteria which is brightly lit with vibrant colored walls and funky chairs, equipped to support team brainstorming sessions and has LAN connections so that people can connect to the internet and work from there? Does your organization provide you with mobile handsets that function within the radius of the building enabling easy accessibility at all times? Can the seating arrangement that arranges the workstations by workgroup clusters be changed overnight to meet the changing needs of workgroups? If your answer to the above questions is no, then you probably still work in typical office cubicles that encourage heads down, isolated style of work. A company management has discovered ways in which employees’ feedback/suggestion played an important role towards influencing the physical environment of the workplace. Organizations are realizing the importance of the same and in an endeavor to encourage efficiency and productivity are making employees’ work lives easy, flexible and comfortable by executing innovative workspace, way before employees start complaining.

Experts confirm that the workspace of the future must bring together and reconcile people, technology, spaces and processes. The office of the future should also take into account all the contexts that organization find conducive to the productivity of the employees. Today, the physical environment of the workplace is one of the major parameters against which efficiency levels can be measured.

The future of the workplace, as experts put it must give people more choice Employees want to co-exist in environments, along with their colleagues and bosses where they can work collaboratively and with creativity. All those skeptics who feel that technology is actually going to alienate people haven’t heard of ways in which technology can be utilized as an enabler rather than a disabler.

We believe that such initiatives are an integral part of the experience an organization needs to provide to an employee. A company is no better than its people. The company’s success is dependent on the psyche of its people their drive and focus. It is imperative to have such initiatives for employees since it goes a long way in infusing fresh thought into work, which something that is absolutely essential for a knowledge intensive industry. Apart from adding zest to their work lives, also helps the employee by cultivating other benefits including tangible and intangible ones. When you look at the broader picture, the tangible benefits of these initiatives include company growth, expansion as well as employee growth. The employee will also learn and enhance his/her knowledge resulting into skills development and a chance to shoulder more responsibilities. That’s the intangible benefit. Symantec Corporation has cubicles which are designed to make workspace more spacious with reduced height of the cube walls to encourage team work. They have included accessories such as trolleys to create adequate storage space in the cubes.

Experts say that the best way to make employees make use of their work time effectively is to provide them with ample resources that can help them to concentrate on work, away from distraction. Organizations have confirmed that they have observed a marked improvement in employee performance.

An audio video conferencing facility enhances quick decision making by enabling employees to connect with clients on real time basis and a campus wide secure wireless network enables un-restructured employee mobility. This helps the employee to save time and work towards their required goals. The introduction of technological enhancements in the organization has helped employees achieve their goals faster, therefore increasing productivity. There is a tremendous rise in productivity because of these developments. By providing wireless connectivity on campus they ensured that employees are not restricted to their desks while working. They are mobile and can work from any part of the campus that is conducive to knowledge and work flow. This boosts productivity and they get the freedom to work from a place of their choice.

In the near future, most Indian companies will abandon the one size fits all concepts of using either cubicles or cabins and adopt a hybrid approach in which open paces will be available for team work and group discussions. The office of the future holds lot of promise and help employees play an important role in fulfilling it.