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Sometimes individuals at work get bored and just don’t feel like doing anything. There can be solutions to pep up moods depending up on the individual. Here is what you can do to people up your mood at work:

Get into a informal talk with your colleagues: If you are not in a mood to work, don’t forcibly sit back and keep saying ‘I’m bored’ ‘I’m bored’ and also up set colleagues around you. Instead ask your colleagues if s/he is free and can come out with you for a cup of coffee or tea in the canteen or compound. Having someone to chat with at the water cooler can also make you feet good. You don’t have to be best friends or go shopping together on Saturdays. Just a little social support at work can actually lift your spirits.

Listen to uplifting music: Noise is disruptive and stressful. If you can not hush up your surroundings, get ear phones and listen to your favorite music. Music is the ultimate mood enhancer.

Get yourself a cup of coffee and just sit down with a book or a magazine in your hand. You can catch up on current affairs or the least gossip or just read for the pleasure of reading. This can be during an official break time or after office hours and not during working hours.

If you are at home, nothing can be better than calling a friend. If you’re feeling low, talk to your best friend and see how better you feel.

If you are feel tired and not in a mood to work, perhaps a nap is in order. It’s surprising how a 15-20 minute doze can refresh your mind. Also remember, sleep reduces your depression levels as well as energies your mind.

If you like humor just Log onto Youtube.com and sit with your earphone. Go through funny videos, it can be a lot of fun. They have oodles of funny little clips to see that will surely make you laugh. You can also watch your favorite music videos on youtube. What more does one want to feel better?

Simply sitting and thinking can raise your mood consistently. All you have to do is sit still without doing anything. You are either chatting with your colleagues or playing games on your cell. Your mind is constantly engaged. Instead sit still and let your mind think for half an hour. You will be surprised to know that it actually works.

Your boredom situation altogether may not occur if you interact with people even formally or informally by,

Proper eye contact: Though you may need to jot down matters time and again, looking to the other person’s eyes while taking down instructions will help you focus better on what’s being told.

Form questions in your mind as you take orders from your boss. This will help you focus better on what is being said to you. Keep your emotions in check while listening or else you may end up listening what you want to hear. Be objective and open-minded while listening.

Avoid distractions and do not let your mind wander to what your colleague is saying or to problems at home. Stay focused while taking instructions or orders from your boss.

Focus on content, not delivery. The number of times your boss or colleague scratches his/her head while saying something then you probably weren’t interested in his/her orders. It’s very important to concentrate on what is being said rather on how it is being said.

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