Right attitudes and behavior can make you a Star Performer at your work place

Miss X was her boss right hand. She was someone her boss could rely on in a moment of crisis. Everyone loved her enthusiasm, motivation and desire to do the best for her team and her organization. But after a year of producing brilliant results, she suddenly decided to quit. The fact is that Miss X was bored.

It’s a challenge for every boss to retain his/her star performer. Here are some common guidelines that can help you handle and retain your champion in a better manner:

Don’t take them for granted: Don’t lose out on opportunities to challenge your star performer or neglect his/her skill sets. Remember, high performers are always in demand and can grab lucrative jobs even when the job, market is tight. So, watch out when your star performer complains of boredom or starts feeling frustrated.

Always remember, a star performer is different from the rest of the members in a team. They need a different form of motivation to stay gung-ho about their jobs. While they may not need your guidance or direction to successfully accomplish their tasks, they do need you to fuel their innate fire. Feed the fire to make sure your star performer is well-motivated and has exciting things to look forward to.

Understand their motivation points:

Each and every star performer is motivated by something that’s close to their heart. For them, their job goes beyond making money or holding a position of authority. A leader should promote work ethics that appeal to them. This needs some time and effort but it’s really a worthwhile investment. You can conduct various assessment exercises passion points trough their answers.

High performers get a kick from executing results. They don’t just like to sit down and think about things that just happen. While you need their vision to take your tasks forward you also need their personal opinions. You need to be patient with them and make an attempt to understand their personal goals and ambitions. This will help you enter into a better partnership with them. Show them a bigger picture.

Your star performer may not like to sit down quietly and what s/he is asked to do. Remember, star performers always want recognition and the freedom to take decisions. So, make sure that your working environment encourages such style of working. As a boss, you should always encourage their participation, ask them for opinions, take interest in their suggestions and involve them as much as you can.

To become and be recognized as a star performer you must have the right attitude.
A person with a fair character is always appreciated. So rather than being the gloom factor in your office adopt a positive attitude that will earn appreciation and recognition of your colleagues and superiors.

Appreciate: Be gracious in the way you interact with your colleagues. Give credit where it is due, thank people for their help and in no time you will wear the great co-workers crown! Words of caution though, don’t be too effusive in your thanks or compliments or you’ll come across as being fake.

Ask for help: Colleagues are many to help one another and especially if you are new on the job, you won’t be expected to know everything from day one. Even if you are up to date with the technology, ask for simple things like ‘Could you please help me out with the important extension numbers or could you please just show me how to use this software?

Volunteer: No one likes a shyster, when your colleagues need help with a deadline or are confused about how to proceed with a software package, volunteer to pitch in and pick up the slack. Remember, everyone appreciates a team player.

Celebrate: What is life without celebrations! Organize to cut a cake on a colleague’s birthday. If a project has been well accomplished get the team together to go out for dinner or if time permits even a picnic. This will create a greater sense of bonding with your co-workers.

Lastly, avoid negative traits like being sarcastic and cribbing constantly. Being a positive go-getter will not only infuse your personality with good vibes but work wonders for your inter-personal relations as well.

That is how you will or can reach star performer status with colleagues and superiors.

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