Postal services in India and their contribution

Business environment in India is changing rapidly. There has been an explosive growth in the telecom, financial and other services in recent years. This has also impacted the mail business. The complexion of mails has changed. A very small percentage of mail now originates from individuals, increasingly, the mail originates from businesses to customers (B2C) or to other businesses (B2B).This mail is produced in a few centers (e.g. in Vashi and Mumbai) in large numbers and has to be processed and delivered in very tight time frames. Similarly banks, mutual funds and a host of other organization are looking to partner with India Post to reach rural and pan India markets by leveraging the reach of India Post.

While India Post continues to give priority to its social obligation to serve ‘common man’ in every nook and corner of the country with reasonably priced services, it goes not neglect its duty to be an effective infrastructural facility to boost trade and commerce in the country. India Post has always kept itself abreast of changing needs of the business community, and has introduced products and services to meet these needs. Thus, India Post introduced a cash-on-delivery service in the form of Value Payable Post (VPP) over 100 years ago; and has recently introduced a web based many-to-one payment/bills collection facility in the form of e-Payment. To provide a cost effective means for distribution of transaction based mail like bills, statements that get posted in exceptionally large numbers, Bill Mail Service has been introduced.

India Post is striving to deepen understanding of needs of business community, so as to fulfill them in a better way, and effectively play the role of a facilitator in transforming India through rapid economics progress.

Existing Products ad services available with India Post

1. Speed Post: Express Mail Service for your time sensitive mail with One India one rate
2. Speed Post Passport Service: Sale and acceptance of Passport application forms at designated Post offices
3. Business Post: undertakes pre-mailing activities like insertion, gumming, addressing, franking, sorting for your bulk mail
4. Express Parcel Post: Guaranteed delivery of Parcels up to 35 Kgs through surface route
5. Bill Mail Service: can send your bills / Financial Statements / account statement in the city through this cost effective service
6. National Bill Mail Service: Cost effective solution for pick-up processing and delivery of financial statements, Bills throughout the country. The NBMS has a free e-IOD facility bundled with it.
7. Media Post: Products and Services can be advertised on Postal Stationeries Letter Boxes, Mail Vans, Post Office Buildings through media Post.
8. Logistics Post: Extremely cost effective means to deliver consignments loads along with all facilities of Logistic chain e.g. warehousing order fulfillment including CoD facility.
9. Direct Post: Extremely cost effective for direct marketing and publicity through unaddressed communication.
10. e-Post: For sending text message or scanned documents to any remote place throughout the country by e-mail through Post office to print at receiving offices and deliver them.
11. e-payment: You may use for bill/cash collection and web based electronic consolidation all over India. This facility caters to any kind of cash collection from many-to-one.
12. Free Post: Services very similar to toll Free services on telephone
13. iMO Providing Wed-based transmission of money up to Rs 50,000/- to be collected at Post Office Counter between two individuals within India.
14. e-IOD: It is a facility where Web based electronic intimation of delivery of bulk letters is provided @ 50 paise per article or all classes of articles including greetings and Bill Mail Services.
15. e-MO: Providing web based transmission of money orders at more economical price to be delivered by postmen at the customer’s door step.

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