Get paid for your performance

These days during workshops we encounter people under a lot of stress and insecurity. The greatest fear that is moving around in the corporate world is of people losing their jobs as the economy is further crunching. If you can justify your salary to your performance then you are safe. But in today’s time you have to over perform to continue being an asset to the company, for the company will only fire people who are a liability. Being ‘fired’ is not in your control. So, here are some tips about what you ‘can do’ to ensure that you stay afloat in your career:

* You get paid for your performance and not your potential: Now is the time to convert that potential into outstanding performance. Things that were taken lightly before will now become big issues. Constantly seek to work more and deliver more.
* You get paid to finish your work: Instead of spending time in worry and anticipation, get going to have the work done. If you can complete tasks with efficiency and excellence, you immediately become an asset to the company.
* You get paid to deliver results: Markets and the economy will always be complex. Times have and always will continue to be tough and it is the survival of the fittest in the corporate world. Find innovative ways to deliver results, because there definitely is a way. You just have to be alert enough to explore it.
* You get paid to add value: Add value to your work place over and beyond your work. It will give you an edge over those who do not. Be a great team player and do all you can to create a positive work environment. Be an encouragement to others and add to the creative growth of the company.

The corporate scenario reflects the process of house cleaning. You only discard those items that are obsolete or no longer add value. If you follow the above tips, your value will be visible and much needed.

Giving out performance you may also need cooperation of many in the organization or work place. To get cooperation and acceptability you can adopt the following:

Do not isolate yourself. Sure gossip is bad and you are not comfortable playing politics, but if you distance yourself, you are in danger of being isolated. You do not need to actively participate but at least remain on the periphery and get all the information you can.

You may often find yourself at the receiving end of petty politics. It’s best not to show any immediate reaction. Consider the source and what brought it on. If possible have a word with the person and if all else fails and you feel that you are being unnecessarily targeted then speak with the concerned HR person. Do not react.

There may be two strong individuals who do not get along. Instead of deciding who should you follow, ensure that you create open communication channels and find a way of having complete transparency in functioning, so that in the end you do not wind up as the fall guy. Do not take sides.

One has to accept the good with the bad. Lastly, remember office politics will always be the down side of any ‘great’ job you take up. But you need to make sure you have the right attitude and do not participate in office politics.

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