Do not change job during Recession

At a time of recession, the thumb rule would be to. No matter how dissatisfied you may be with your portfolio at work, bothered by irate client, poked by nosy colleagues, or tired of pleasing your boss, a word of caution do not move on. The regular flow of income can be a blessing at such a time when only change is constant.

If you do happen to be looking for a job, work with a reputed brand, an organization with a strong balance sheet and acclaimed credentials. You must seize such an opportunity even if the remuneration is not as expected. There will always be a dearth of good talent and organizations will undoubtedly take notice and give due to those who stand out, at such time. If you are getting a job, do not insist for a high salary since the ongoing phase in the job markets are not aspiration but survival. Once you have gained a foothold rectification can be made when the correction phase comes along.

Save for a rainy day is mantra. Keep at least three to four months salary in your bank account, liquid at all times. This would help cover you at unexpected times, and reduce one of the major fears unemployment brings within.

Mr.P was always passionate about music and has been playing the guitar since he was a child. Unfortunately he could not take it up as a career, however alongside my work, he teaches a few students every Sunday. It gives him immense personal satisfaction totally disconnects me from my desk job, and also brings with it a decent amount of money which accounts for weekend expenses. So if you always had an eye for fashion and beauty or an interest in teaching or for that matter in the occult, it’s time you seriously explored it.

If you have any kind of certification say if you are part of the financial sector you can even build your own career as a direct agent for a mutual fund. Whatever be the certification you have, depending on your ability and knowledge you can do the role of a consultant to a company.

‘Stay positive’ though easier said than done, at such a time it is absolutely essential to keep the energy going with a smile on your face. At such a time worrying is not going to help. If you are constantly tense, your concentration will inevitably reduce, thus resulting in a lack of focus on the current task at hand. This could put you at a risk of losing your job. As a consequence you could be on the edge considering low performers in addition to newcomers are direct targets of the current job-cuts. This is a time when companies recognizes talent so deliver and you will always shine.

Come to terms with the worst possible out come and thus realize it is not the end of the world. Try and find ways to reduce its negative effect, and turn it into a win-win situation. Do not forget to remain in good humor and have a positive frame of mind. Looking at what the future beholds. This might be the onset of new labor laws in our country which already exist in the United States. To sum up, India Inc., may be hit by the worldwide slump, however a few necessary and precautionary steps can keep the ball rolling for you. Pursuing a hobby on the weekends can be the much needed stress buster, smart investments can make your money plant grow faster, and positivity will always be the jargon to staying alive. There is always a silver lining you just need to take notice. —

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