Contribution must be noticed by top people

There is no denying the fact that we are all recognition hungry. We crave for appreciation and want the world to recognize our talents. Recognition motivates us to do still better and thus helps us to progress in our career. But it so happens that many times our best efforts go almost unnoticed. Why does fame embrace only a select few while many other talented people remain in obscurity? This is because talent alone is not enough to get recognized a subtle promotion of your self is necessary too.

Recognition is not something to be left to chance. You must put in honest efforts to make people sit up and notice your special skills and abilities. If you feel too shy to talk about your achievements it is time you put these inhibitions behind you.

In this fiercely competitive world it is very important that you make yourself more visible to taste the career success you desire. It is not suggested that you should start bragging about yourself but at least make modest attempts to project your talents in the best lights before people who matter.

We all know that packaging plays a key role in the marketing of any product. Companies vie with each other to package their products attractively to grab the attention of potential buyers. In similar vein your ability to influence others rests to a large extent on the way you present yourself. Focus on professional appearance and good manners to make a favorable first impression. Walk, talk and work with an air of self assurance that compels others to pay attention.

While you put your best foot forward at work, take a little time to assess how much the upper levels of management know who you are and what you do. Do not be surprised if they know little or nothing about your talents.

Instead start building your image now. While you inform your boss about your significant achievements make it a point to mark a copy to his higher ups also. This way you will prevent your boss from usurping the credit that rightfully belongs to you.

When your talents become well known to a few levels of management above you, the chances of getting selected for key assignments vastly improve.

Use the company newsletters, web forums and intranets to your advantage. Publish your special achievements for everyone to see.

If you are a manager highlight your team’s noteworthy accomplishments. Subtly draw attention to how efficiently you have managed the project by explaining the roadblocks encountered and solutions developed to successfully surpass them.

To stand out from the crowd become an expert in a niche area. Instead of focusing on being well rounded, sharpen an area of strength to such levels of finesse that you come to be known as genius in the field. Acquire professional certifications to become an authority in the subject. Seek opportunities to present your expertise. Volunteer to work on boards and committees to put your special abilities to use. It has a double advantage for you. Not only your talents get good exposure you also get an opportunity to vibe closely with some big shots of the company who happen to head the committees and boards.

A good network of contacts is highly essential to go places. You can spread the word about your talents through effective networking. Come out of your shell and start participating in seminars and other important public forms to showcase your skills. Use these events to cultivate friendships within and outside the organization. Develop alliances in high places.

Positive relations with people who make vital decisions that affect your career are definitely helpful to move ahead.

No matter how talented you are, without a little PR you are bound to stagnate. There is nothing wrong about blowing your own trumpet. In fact it makes perfect sense against tough competition.

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