Difficult times are opportunities for learning and growth

Difficult times often prevail. Times get hard just as they were once good. This is especially true for markets and business, as they are subject to ‘cycles’. What goes up, comes down, and then goes up again. As much as we know this pattern we still worry and fret in times of difficulty. Panic and worry is an instant reaction.

Panic leads to chaos and chaos is worse than loss. During periods of slowdown or loss, we often tend to act in panic and take rushed unplanned steps that result in greater loss, bad business or bad financial decisions. The resulting chaos is worse than the loss itself.

We are often lost due to a wrong turn taken on the road. However, we can always find our way again but to do that we have to realize that we have lost our way. What went wrong? That is the best question to ask if we want to make things go right again. For we only can correct ourselves. Then understand the problem without any bias and with no self blame or malice towards anyone. Read the opinion of experts and their analysis of the problem and its cause, and if you can spot a personal mistake then this is the ideal opportunity to correct it and if it truly is not your fault then learn to let it go.

When markets crash and jobs are lost, one has to brace oneself and get ready to take charge and to the best. Yes, jobs may be sparse, and growth may be affected but there will be a way out, for every storm passes.

When savings dwindle and jobs seem unsteady what does one do? Let us begin with the attitude. Worry will makes things worse, lets choose a positive attitude and frame of mind that say, lets face this situation, and make the most of what we have for we still have something left with us, qualifications skills and most importantly, will. Positive thinking will help us make the most of such times, rather than make the worst of them. Think positive and are working towards safeguarding themselves and build a better future and learn from them. Many experts are offering advice for hard times, and giving specialized analysis on what to do.

It is not said in vain that every cloud has a silver lining for even a bad phase has something worthwhile to offer. All that one has to do is look for the positive. For example the weaning out of faculty practices, better investment rules or looking at risk closely to keep away from future shocks.

The silver lining of a bad phase could be the chance to seek new opportunities in areas otherwise not enough of. So use this time to find out what you truly like to do rather than sail with the current.

Learning and acquiring knowledge are also a silver lining. A low or slow phase could be the ideal time to actually learn. Learn new skills, acquire greater knowledge, expand horizons, focus on research, experiments and studies.

If we earlier lamented the scarcity of time and frenzied time, to truly learn and grow. This could well be the ultimate underlying message and meaning of bad phase. We need to correct develop and accentuate our methods, learning knowledge and practice.

Money they say is a measure for value. These days one has gotten so lost in profits and losses, that the concept of value itself has been erased. Companies work to provide benefits and value to customers and companies and in turn are rewarded with accolades and reward. Somewhere this has become more about creating saleable goods and services to earn hefty profit. Sure this can be a goal but not the main motive. The main ideal still has to be the exchange of value between sellers and buyers, companies and clients. Hence focus on providing value as a company, an employee and a manager. When you provide value, your service will always be required. For that which has value is saved first in any storm, and never let off.