Coping up with a Monday and Body language

The very thought of going back to work after a fun filled weekend is truly terrible. So, it is not really surprising to hear people say – Mondays tend to be worse than any other normal working days. From Lethargy to irritability to mood swings we tend to feel really low on Mondays. So, if you are one of those, who has been suffering from the regular Monday blues, here’s what you can do:

You get tensed when you are late. So begin Monday mornings a little early or start early. This way you will get to enjoy your breakfast or even grab a little personal time before you reach office. Remember, when you have more time to organize your day, you end up conquering the day in a better manner.

Though you can not wear your week end stuff on Monday mornings, you need not be dull at all. Wear your best clothes with nice bright colors. You will be surprised at how these small things affect your mood and spirits. Dress well.

The excessive workload on Monday can be a little stressful. So, take short breaks to recharge your self or take a power nap. You could even listen to music, walk for a while or surf the net. Take short breaks during the day. There is another way for this is to pre-plan the work on the last day of the previous week end so that you can attack the work without any confusion on Monday.

Make a list of what gives you the blues on a Monday morning. You will be surprised to know that half of those things can actually be tackled easily to make your Monday mornings a lot better. For instance, you could probably work a little harder on Fridays and finish all your pending work to begin your coming week with a lighter workload.

Many of your friends/colleagues too must be suffering from Monday work tasks. Have a short conversation with them. But remember that your idea is to have a small pep talk, not an hour long leisure talk. Talk to a friend.

Make sure that you greet everyone with a smile as you enter your office on Monday morning. This will instantly lift your spirits. You can also recall happy memories or a good joke. Even the very thought of laughing aloud can make a world of difference to your mind and body.

Think positive:

Don’t dwell on the negative aspects at work. Just say to yourself that ‘today is a great day and I will make sure I complete my report today’. You could also place some inspirational quotes on your desk or screen saver to revive your morale.

Adjusting to Monday there may be a need for meeting clients or customers. How can you make a good first impression on them after usual greeting? By Body Language.

Use your hands to express yourself says a lot about your confidence, conveying a signal that the client can trust your organization.

The handshake should be firm and confident, only then will you come across as a serious business person and a go getter so that client’s material is delivered on schedule. If there is a small delegation from your client’s organization you can walk around the table and shake hands with each of them rather than leaning across the table. But please ensure that your hands aren’t sweaty but clean and dry.

Make sure you are comfortable when you are seated and able to equally pay attention to all conference members.

You need to sit in your chair in a way that shows that you are being attentive. Slouching can be interpreted as a careless attitude. The client might think you are not keen about their project. Also when a member is saying something, keep nodding your head slowly to show that you are understanding, what s/he is saying or tilt your head slightly to show interest.

Some people don’t know what to do with their hands, so they often sit with them crossed cross the chest. This can be interpreted as a defensive gesture. It is best to let your hands rest loosely on the armrest of your chair or on your lap.

In conclusion the body language also plays some roll in gaining customer/client confidence and can be a precursor of bagging the contract.