Retaining your job in current market scenario

Reams and reams of newsprint have been used in detailing the fine print of how the economic slowdown has affected corporate lives and our jobs. Amidst this mayhem, everyone seems to be worried – whether it is the panic stricken employees who are on the edge worrying over layoffs or those who have already been axed and are struggling to set their feet again in the market. Everyone is seeking a ‘safer’ option and as a result the market is flooded with resumes of well qualified and deserving professionals; but unfortunately there are very few openings. The big question being, who is recruiting?

Considering the current market scenario, the adage ‘no job or firm is a safe option’ seems to be truer than ever before. It is a gentle reminder to those who change jobs every now and then. Changing jobs on the contrary can make you more vulnerable as you get tagged as the ‘new recruit’ and are inevitably placed under the scanner.

So it is advisable to avoid monetary gains, and stick to what you have. The axe is all set to strike and the best way to stay afloat is trying to escape it.

During such trying times, it’s very important that you keep yourself visible, make your presence felt. Ideally speaking, you should avoid going on leave or indulge in anything that will keep you away from work. But you have to ensure that you are not cut off from work completely.

Networking both inside and outside the office, also forms an important part of ensuring visibility. The more people you can connect with, better it is.

If you accomplish a task, let everyone know about you feat. Be warned and ensure that people don’t mistake your behavior for ‘boasting’ the purposes is only to be heard and be seen, and convince your managers that you are indeed a requisite part of the team. Sell yourself effectively.

Explore opportunities and calculate your moves accordingly. For example: In any given task find out areas where the team is lagging, and suggest ways of overcoming the. Think out of the box. This will also help you gain visibility and help you stand apart from you equals. This in turn will prove useful when your senior needs to cite a reason to retain you over another colleague. So work towards becoming a requisite part of the team.

Surviving the current market scenario will work in favor of you in the coming years as it reflects the fact that your company values you as resources. This will definitely earn you a brownie point and make you a preferred option when you apply for new job or work towards your career growth.

Being proactive is the trick. Take up responsibilities voluntarily more than needed and be dedicated. Multi tasking will be your trump card. The more tasks you can handle effectively, the less your chances are of being shown the door.

Forget the question, What if I lose my job? It’s only going to add to your stress. Strike a balance and get practical in your approach. Focus on your work and increase productivity. Avoid negative thoughts but be prepared for the worst. Needless to say as the current state of affairs is not very favorable there might be instances when you have to cope with a friend / relative losing his/her job. But it’s important that you make yourself emotionally strong and become a moral support for them. Have a positive attitude, if you are feeling low and finding it difficult to cope with the scenario, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

According to experts, this year most companies are planning to skip pay revisal as well. So get ready to pull on another year in your current pay scale or probably a marginal increase. Remember, it’s a phase and will move on. So keep going and don’t lose hope.