Flexi timing option has its own challenges

There are often times in an employee’s life when he/she is working on a tight deadline and is faced with a personal commitment. And at dire times like these the employee is often in a fix, as he/she not really know as to which commitment to attend However, with the changing trends of India Inc, there are employee initiatives where he/she no longer has to choose. One of them being the introduction of flexible working hours.

More and more employees are looking at flexible working hours as the best option for managing their personal life with work as the red line of work-life balance gets thinner.
Even firms have realized the benefits of flexible timings and are providing various options to their employees.

This is the latest benefit (may be intangible) for many working people, and employees see it as one of the best perks to come their way. Flexi working hours brings in convenience to employees and also to the employers, without compromising on the timelines of the customer. It has helped to improve employee productivity, by ensuring a happy and highly engaged team member. From the employee perspective, it offers him/her the flexibility to pursue higher education and other vocations, spend more time with his/her family and also ensures work-life balance.

A Manager, Client services appreciates the flexi hour policy of his firm. Since many of their clients are based out of the US, it means late hours in the office for him. If it hadn’t been for this initiative, he would be spending 14 to 16 hours there. Due to this initiative, he can come in late the next day and also catch up on the important aspects of life.

Similarly, If an employee is in a situation where in, he/she cannot work all days of the week from office because of a situation, he/she can go in for a part time which is very effective and workable solution.

In every organization, there are many managers who are reaping the benefits of initiatives like flexi timing, telecommuting etc. Most of such initiatives were started as a helping hand for young working mothers and ‘moms to be’, but now there are many takers for such initiatives, as it leaves ample time for pursuing higher studies, attending to personal commitments and maintaining a good work-life balance.

According to industry experts, initiatives like flexi working hours have a strong impact on productivity and employee motivation. It is a good way to reduce stress levels and enhance job satisfaction. But flexi timing option has its own challenges and to the employee and employer must consider certain things before taking up this initiative. If personal discipline is not exercised, then one can get into the habit of coming in late to office everyday without a good reason. Also, it gives less time with the rest of the team and coworkers. Also, there are chances that there can be gaps in the communication process, if any manager or team members are not informed about any decision.

To make flexi timings effective it is important that employees and managers must have open and candid discussions. Also, it is important to consult with peers to ensure that no one is over pressurized by someone taking a flexi work option. Managers should look at supporting an employee’s need for work life flexibility as it can enhance morale and promotes a healthy work environment. It is equally important that managers set clear expectations and has clear and measurable goals.

The bottom line is clear, it is no more about how many hours you are at office. The only thing that matters is how productive you are and how smartly you execute your tasks. And this can be done from the comfort of your own home.

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