Inspiring and Leading your team

In today’s times we hear people saying. She/he is a born leader. So, were these two gentleman born with leadership abilities or did they just learn as they went along? Can others who are not born with it, learn to lead? The answer is quite logical. There are some characteristics that are standard across all great leaders Why not learn from those traits? Why not develop them so that even those who are blessed with the inherent quality can become good leaders?

History has seen many great leaders. Mahatma Gandhi had the power or finish an entire dynasty by simply inspiring people not to react violently, while Adolf Hitler had the power to finish entire races by inspiring people to react exactly opposite – violently. They both are known for the command they had over their followers. But they followed different forms of leadership.

In our professional lives, many of us aim to lead a large team with prestigious responsibilities. For making a team productive, just being a boss is often not good enough. You have to learn to be a good leader. Only a good leader can extract the maximum from his work force and help them grow. In an office setting there are many smaller things that can easily be applied, and these are the very things that make the team members look at their boss as their leader. Here are a few pointers:

Some leaders make the mistake of keeping all the controls of the work that their team performs with them. Groom your team members.
Managers must learn to delegate work, else they can never grow. They must groom team members to function independently and take decisions on smaller pies of the whole task. Thus you can encourage people by giving them more power, and at the same time, freeing your time to take larger strategic step from the growth of your team.

Set an Example

Mr.X has a team under him and at any given point of time they have several projects going on. X do not get the time to attend fully with any project. But X makes it a point to develop some part of each. This way his understanding of the project is deeper and the team also sees their leader working like they do. They believe in X and give out the best output per head than any other team on the floor.

It is necessary to communicate to everyone working under you about things that are going on in the company. Deciding things on your own and not bothering to inform or communicate can be de-moralizing to the team. In fact, it is nice to involve team members in the decision making process.

A ‘praise’ or a ‘thank you’ takes very little time to say, but is remembered and treasured by the receiver. Appreciating people, on tasks well done should be something the leader should make a point to follow. It keeps the team inspired and spirited. In fact, good leaders must, every once in a way socially go out with their team mates to celebrate some achievement. It keeps the team bound together. Thus a leader must be generous with Praises.

Do not just do something because it has always been done before. As a leader you have a chance to re-look at things from a fresh perspective every once in a while. This way you will be able to assess whether some things can be done away with or some new processes can be added to make things simple. Re-assess set systems.

Many times, people who are at leadership positions are very busy. Making time is genuinely very difficult for them. But this can have negative impacts. Ms.L used to work in an organization where a colleague was making him do all her work. L wanted to chat with her team leader about this. But he was always genuinely busy. Ultimately L never got to say what was going on, and had to quit. When you have a team working under you, as a leader he or she will ensure that he/she is approachable to all, so that they feel free to come and tell what is going on. Re-assess set systems.

Being a leader is no great mystery and there is no set formula to achieve it. It is an attitude, a passion to lead. If you have a firm head on your shoulders and learn to treat those below you with respect you will see that more subordinates will work for you. Being a leader is also is also a responsible position where you have the task of keeping those you lead, happy and satisfied.