Work or study


WC is an intelligent student who has just appeared for his final year Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) examination from St Andrew’s College. He strongly feels that he needs a break from studies before he joins university for higher studies. So he’s planning to work and is looking for a long-term job. His preference is very clear work experience and sufficient money to go in for higher studies. Likewise his classmate RK knows that his career options after BMM are vast, and hopes to find a job in advertising to his liking.

A growing number of graduates from traditional streams like science, arts and commerce, and not-so-traditional streams like BMM and BMS, fresh out of college, are in no mood to open their text-books in a hurry. Instead, they’d like to take a break and work. Recognizing the needs of next generation, colleges have begun inviting corporations for a recruitment drive.

Campus placements no longer take place exclusively in management and engineering colleges. While St. Andrew organized a recruitment drive for third year students other colleges like HR are working in close collaborations with the industry and have invited the firms and industries to train undergraduates so that they’re ready to take on the workplace.

Many youngsters take up jobs at high-profile companies after graduation to make a quick buck before they opt for higher studies reported a training and placement officer of a reputed college. He added students took jobs in order to finance higher studies.

After college, students are too young to go in for higher studies, and a short-term job helps them focus on what they planned to study later, commented a college principal. He also added with more streamlined, professional degree courses such as BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) and
B Com in banking and insurance, companies are more willing to recruit fresh graduates.

Ms. SF who took her B Com examination this year, hopes to pursue her MBA. Even while applying for an MBA it’s important to have some work experience, she adds. She plans to work and study side by side. Several others plan to do correspondence courses along with full-time jobs.

The project manager, Praxis Interactive Technologies, has been hiring fresh graduates for E-learning projects out-sourced to the company from overseas as he feels that these youngsters can be groomed as per the requirements of the company. Also we need a large number of people working on a project and there are greater chances of getting these numbers amongst fresh graduates, he added.

HR associate for an IT company, recruited graduates for posts in business development and technical support companies. His contention is that the skills available for the job could not be learnt in college. The training was provided on the job and the company looks for smart people before recruitment.

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