Women are better Multi-task managers

It was fairly challenging when Ms.X started career as a young manager over a decade back. Women had to work twice as hard to have access to the same opportunities as men. There was no concept of ‘flexi-time’ and you had to manage time at the workplace, and travel nationally and internationally. She was in customer facing roles throughout most of her career and had to manage a work, home plus the travel. But maintaining a balance between career and family was important so she focused on managing her time effectively.

Wherever there are people there are bound to be workplace dynamics and this happens only when there is poor communication. Bringing things out in the open and being as transparent as possible is the best way to manage workplace dynamics. I have always dealt with it in a straightforward manner.

As businesses are going global, it is not just long hours at the workplace anymore. Though communication, through advance technology tools such as laptop, Blackberry handsets have reduced ‘workplace hours’, the new challenge is managing time away from home when on an overseas assignments. Mentoring is the best way to motivate and encourage young woman managers to reach their full potential and help them through the challenges of balancing a demanding career and a family.

Support from Home: Family support is extremely important especially when you are married. The number of married women working today vouch for the fact that the families have changed their thinking and have allowed their daughter/daughter-in-law to work outside home.

The support from family and spouse strengthens and motivates a woman to excel much better in her career. It also adds the extra zeal in her attitude and drives her morale in achieving her dreams.

Every individual wants to succeed and reach the top. So it is important that a manager is mentally prepared to handle the challenges in the corporate world. To succeed and reach a coveted position, a young woman manager needs to first stop thinking that she may have limitations at work because she is a woman. Its necessary to understand that she is one among many other managers in the company and not just another manager.

It is never easy for any woman with a family and kids to look after both a career and a home. Usually women possess the unique ability to multi-task, otherwise it is important to build this as a strength. Ensure that your kids are in safe and trusted hands while you are at work. This is where the support system comes into play ‘your family’. But definitely nothing replaces the time you lose being with them. Also spend quality time with family members and leave an open channel of communication with your partner. Multitasking helps.

Women are born to be managers. Simply put, give your child’s sports days as much importance as you would to an important customer meeting. There may be occasions that really matter for your family, so make your presence felt whole heartedly. At the same time ensure that your official responsibilities are managed as expected. In one word, the secret lies in multi-tasking.

It also depends on your performance and not your gender. However, the glass ceiling also varies from one organization to another where the mindset of the staff could be biased towards women. To deal with such circumstances a woman needs to step ahead and fight for rights and the position, which she truly deserves.

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