Skillful in handling work and family-Women managers

It is necessary that a woman manager is confident of her self and is focused on goals. Commitment, faith in one’s capabilities and passion to achieve are the biggest success mantra for any young manager to do well. These are qualities required for success.

Your sense of achievement is realized only when you are back home with your loving family after a long tiring day. The only person you tend to take liberties with, is your spouse, that is by being yourself-saying you are tired if you really are, refusing to eat outside if you want to spend time at home, saying you would prefer a coffee at home together followed by a late night movie or a drive may be.

Communication is the key to a happy home; if something bothers you, speak-out your worries. Always remember to be as good a listener as a communicator. While at home, try and not limit your discussions to office. Rather, lighten up your spirits by being the friend, mother and wife you always were.

Balancing a career and home is not easy at all. Ms.S has worked hard and prioritized her personal and professional goals at every stage. The beginning years were tough. She loved her job, but her heart told her that enjoying motherhood was more important. So she quit and took a break. Later, when she made a comeback, it was tougher when she switched professions to enter the corporate sector. The worldwide dot com bust and crash in the Indian stock markets radically changed her job profile. Stakes were higher, and the magnitude of responsibility to monetize functions was a huge challenge. Time management would make her go crazy and those were really challenging times. She was not sure what is there to balance. One must prioritize needs at any given point.

Ms.Z was a journalist when she was a young mother and she targeted her little boy. She would sit with the newspaper showing him her byline every morning even when he could not read. When he asked, “My friends mom doesn’t work, why do you?” Ms.Z used to answer, “You like to go to playschool? I like to work”. Soon he was running around with the day’s newspaper showing neighbors “see this is what my mom wrote today” and told his friends proudly, “My mom works, so what does your mom do?”

Professionally a young woman needs a mentor. Personally she needs to get rid of the super woman psychology of upbringing instills in us. It is important to understand that there is nobody waiting to give a gold medal at the end because you managed your home and career so efficiently. Concentrate on taking care of yourself. Unless you are working for money alone, do not work in a company where working is not a pleasure. Do not work at a job which you do not love. Keep your spirit free of small time shackles and you will soar to achieve all your goals.

Success is derived from hard work, willingness to stretch, tenacity and a supportive family.

Hours of work makes any difference for women at all. The only thing may be that most women don’t hang out with the colleagues after work and hence tend to rely more on the professional aspect of their relationships with colleagues. But it may not get in the way except women may know a little less of the office gossip but otherwise it doesn’t really matter.

Ms.R says it was not difficult to manage home and work, when it was just her spouse and self. It only got really complicated once their child was born. And that is when the family stepped in and really supported them. Most women continue to work over any length of time either due to compulsions or her individual aspirations and in both cases there is no way you can manage without your spouse and family’s support.

The toughest thing eventually is to balance work and family, especially when children are involved. And there is the whole guilt aspect if you are a mother. Most career oriented women will never let anything at home come in the way of work, but the reverse is not true.

In most progressive organizations, supervisors may not differentiate between their staff for tasks on the basis of gender. And also at the work place there is not much impact of the ‘so-called weaker sex’ unless you are referring to the safety and security aspect. Opportunities are provided to women based on what they have proved to be capable of doing and the confidence their manager has in them in terms of their abilities.