Freelancers can best survive the recession

With cost cutting on the rise most publishing companies are actively looking at freelancers, than hiring full time employees. With slashed budgets, companies increasingly turn to freelancers as a way to proactively see through their business during the economic downturn.

Everyone – companies, newspapers and politicians are making us believe that the times ahead are bad. And sure that might be so. But for the self employed lot this credit crunch has never been a better time to be a freelancer. When companies begin to lay off staff, it is often the freelancer who benefits when they step in to complete the work that starts over flowing. Freelancers are best quipped to survive the recession.

The current crisis does not seem to be a favorable time for all freelancers. That clients come to her for the value of her service and this has nothing to do with the current financial situation. It is the visibility she has created for self over the year that is keeping her in good stead.

A freelancer writer with many well known publications thinks the situation might be a bit of both, a body of work created over time as well as the effects of recession.

Most companies are not outsourcing jobs because they have downsized in anyway, but rather because of their policy of not allotting work to freelancers. In fact some publications have altogether stopped commissioning work to freelancers and in this scenario it is the attitude and clarity of one’s goals that will see them though.

Many employees know recession will not do any good. After the company Mr.X was working with closed down, it was exasperating to find a full time job. X started doing a few freelance jobs which he then thought were odd jobs as a freelancer while still actively seeking a full time job. But as would be freelance work has poured in and is now became a preferential method to work for X.

This recession has brought great bounties to his business. At every down turn there is always someone in an up turn looking to capitalize. Although business itself hasn’t slowed down, client payments have. The point to make is that freelancers have been getting a lot of work from new (rather fly by night) debt consolidators and loan assistance type business online mainly in the US.

Clients and companies are no doubt looking for cheaper outlets. The main reasons for freelancers seeing prolificacy is due to increased networking through the web. A freelancer graphic designer based in London says he is increasingly outsourcing parts of jobs or whole jobs to contacts he has made through his website and it has been working very well.

A simple law of economics enumerates the multiplicity in market spending. Companies are increasingly realizing that and the importance of it during the bad times. May be this advice has hit home and certain organizations are trying to find reliable freelancers for various projects.

With options for increased networking clients can draw easily from a pool of talented freelancers thus allowing their business to take larger and more complex tasks. a portal redefining global out sourcing, provides a platform to freelancers and clients to meet and avail each other services. In general terms freelancers are cheaper than agencies and will therefore get more work when budgets are tight. Also most businesses are looking for creative ways to get the same amount of work done with fewer laborers. That is why we are seeing such an increase in freelancers.

Technically speaking we are still not in a recession situation. Some near sighted companies, they say are tightening their marketing and advertising budget. But it was reported a few weeks back that two of the world’s biggest advertisers, Unilever and Procter & Gamble would not cut their marketing budgets. Many other companies which have understood the reasons for spending during recession will not shy either.–

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