Utilize current phase searching for a job

It you are worried about whether you will get a job or not, it is necessary for you to maintain a perspective of life and convert the current phase into an opportunity.

This is good time to find out what you like dong so that you can go through life doing what you like and liking what you do. This is not an easy thing to know, and comes about only through trying out different things. We usually go straight from our bookish, academic life to a cushioned and isolated work life, without taking the trouble or having the opportunity to find out what we would like to be doing. Just as wisdom comes from experience, one needs exposure in different areas to really know what work gives one joy. A vast majority of people spend their entire lives without ever knowing what it is that they would really like doing.

There are thousands of things that need to be done in India. These jobs may not be easy, glamorous and well-paying, but are very real necessary and valuables. Such opportunities are available with government and NGOs and in rural areas, smaller cities and towns. Instead of valuing oneself through the label, level and salary of your job, develop the confidence to value yourself trough the impact that your work makes on yourself and society.

Most conventional jobs treat you like a machine, and fail to develop your skills and personality leaving one ill equipped to tackle life’s problems. Such jobs make people uni-dimensional so when faced with a crisis even in their 40s or 50s, most people are unable to cops and suffer physical mental and financial trauma. Therefore try difficult jobs and different options. It is very important to learn our strengths and weaknesses as well as deepen our perspectives and understanding of the word around us. This richness of experiences may actually lead to a better career path.

Simple basic services such as getting a website made, obtaining legal, commercial or medical opinions are always difficult to access. In virtually any field from self-improvement to improving how a business is run India is crying out for services. Small businesses and individuals struggle to get simple services. Many young professionals and fresh graduates, certainly MBAs but also lawyers doctors, engineers etc can provide such services and earn good money. This is a great time to be an entrepreneur. India is a country where most services are in short supply or can be greatly improved. When jobs are easy, glamorous and well paying, it is more difficult to be an entrepreneur because family and friends do not then readily support such as idea. Based on your skills sets and passion offer your services to at least one client and then build on that.

There is never a shortage of opportunities or jobs for anyone willing to work hard. Entire businesses can be created around hard working sensible knowledgeable and well rounded personalities. Hence make sure that you develop these qualities, even though we know it is not as easy as it sounds. You will also then enter into a virtuous cycle of improvement and success throughout your life.

Typically school and college life tends to be very packed and intense leaving one with little time to seriously pursue one’s hobbies ad skills. The current period is a good time to deepen one’s interest in sports, music, dance, painting, etc. Develop your other skills interest hobbies. You can also look at all aspects of your personality and think of how you would like to be and utilize this time to develop the desired skills and traits e.g. becoming calmer by learning yoga, becoming fitter by exercising regularly, developing leadership qualities by doing a project in your community etc.